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JUMP1== My ResumeWord 7 Office 95 format - right click and save target as (make sure extension is ".doc")
My Resume in HTML (updated 8-21-98)

Autopilot - Automated Random Web Surfing=== Tom Rathborne's Online Resources===

USAFA Webcam=== Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide === Ultimate Guide to Sci/Fi/Fantasy/Space/Surreal Art on the Inter===

Search The Internet for a certain MIDI file=== Chinese Hot Links===

VOA Internet Audio - Real Audio - various languages=== Intl Radio & TV (RA)=== Chinese music (RA)===

Bell Labs Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Bell Labs Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis



The Icon Browser== Everything Icon==


MingBao== Singtao== aweto== Chinese Gateway== Ren Min Ri Bao== Russian - NNS= Rambler (ru)=

Diario Hoy= VJ= Der Spiegel= Bild der Wissenschaft= Welt der Wunder (de)= Dino Online (de)= FAZ(de)= Hurra (de)= CNN= USA Today= Pathfinder

Maksim Moshkow's Library

Park and Read (eng, cas, fr &deutsch

Deutsch-English Dictionary

Russian Strike Audio Hot News===

The Alternative Dictionaries

The Alternative Dictionaries

Need to look up some slang terms in another language???



China Facts== China Tour==

Online Biology Book


Pat's Weirdness Shrine Weird Links - Must see!!!!



University of Wisconsin Technical Japanese Program

Stanford - Technical Japanese Home Page

New Mexico US - Japan Center

Links to Research Related Sites (in Japanese) 研究に活用できそうなサイトへの接続

Recent Technical Papers in Japanese

Supporting Systems for Learning Japanese Check it out!!!

CATERS (Computer-Assisted TEchnical Reading System)

Mainly for Learners . Japanese Useful Internet Links for Learners of Japanese

Canada-Japan Society of Toronto Japan in Canada Japanese Language Learning Links!!!!

Japanese Online MOST EXCELLENT!!!!

The Kanji Study Group Presents: Understanding Written Japanese Joyo 96 - Japanese Language Dojo

Jim Breen's Japanese Page The weathered icon of EDICT's very own page,


Web Intelligence

Intelligent Java some links related to the integration of Java and artificial intelligence


The Weather Channel=== Weather Services International===

The Internet Dictionary Project


The Internet Dictionary Project's goal is to create royalty-free translating dictionaries through the help of the Internet's citizens. This site allows individuals from all over the world to visit and assist in the translation of English words into other languages. The resulting lists of English words and their translated counterparts are then made available through this site to anyone, with no restrictions on their use. Please enjoy your visit, and thank you for donating your time to this project. zdnetmail=== UC Museum of Palaentology - COOL!!!===

KIMO== YAM - Natural Sciences== Big Muddy Duck's Chinese Dictionary== CCDB Readme==

怪異集== shock (big-5)

The Garden of Forking Paths - A Jorge Luis Borges Homepage

Arabic Bible MS-WORD & RA==
Win 95 Homepage/Deutsch= GNU
ZD-JobHunt= MapsOnUs= MSDN= Allan Frawert's Page- Matt Mariani- Cynbe's Humongous Hotlist: - Justin's World Wide Web Home Page - Interesting Places- HOTBOT= EXCITE= INFOSEEK= Fidelity= Putnam= NJIT= ACC= Celebrity Slugfest-


WWW.ARACHNOID.COM Careware Resources

GREAT Freeware Links!!!=== NONAGS Freeware!!!

Prime Time Freeware Free Software and More!
This server is devoted to the development, dissemination, and use
of free software. For an overview of the server, see our map.
Free software enthusiasts, in any case, will find three main
areas of interest:

FTP dir at MONASH with JWP & other stuff=== JWP - California Download JWP from here!!!=== Guide to Japanese Computing Get JWP here!!!===

Where to get free web sites!!!

Free in Cyberspace!!! Free Resources

BabelFish= My HTML Page= Leroy Anderson= Astronomy PIX==
Borland= Tu_Cows= Tu-Cows PA= NJ= Useless Info=
Margot's Christmas Page= Margot= Margot pix= Punch Bill Gates= winblows= anti-Microsoft=
Yahoo- Distance Learning= Distance Learning Catalog= Nerd World= The BBS Surfers' Yellow Pages = Grant Jeffrey= Southpark= Mr. Hankey's Home Page= Bunnies=
LOGOS= Buber's Basque= TNT BABYLON 5= ETAK Digital Maps=
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Tripod Homepager

My Tripod Index Page= Cathy's Tripod Page= IEEE= My Art Jaggard Page= Chika's Index Page= Jaggard Page= Chinese Word A Day= Languages Page= Computer/Programming= News= Physics Rimbaud= Dichter= Surrealism=

GEOCITIES - Geocities File Manager

Geocities Index Page
Arabic===== Chinese===== German===== langs===== sci_fi===== Japanese Page

Povray, animation and graphics Page== Programming Page== Russian Page

XOOM - Building Site

Fortune City - Building Site

Fortune City Index

Angelfire - Angelfire Main/Update

Angelfire Index

Gardening excellent resources



Dave's Relativity Page or "Time Flies When You're Going Nowhere" more good stuff!!

Erk's Relativity Pages" more good stuff!!

PBS - Stephen Hawking's Universe" Worthwhile Links!!

Wormhole Physics A site worth exploring!!

Relativity on the World Wide Web Lots of well-organized links!!

Cosmology for Beginners A tutorial on key concepts of modern cosmology

Webstars - Astrophysics in Cyberspace A NASA site covering Astrophysics Links

Scientific American Online Has some good on-line material

Lots of Blade Runner Links

Lots of Babylon 5 Links

Lots of Highlander Links

Bob Fahey's Highlander Page Good Stuff & Links

Klingon Internet Directory Lots of Links

Suggested The Prisoner Links Links

Kipp Teague's Retroweb Nicely done web site on The Prisoner

Kipp Teague's Retroweb Nicely done web site on The Prisoner


International MIDI Music Arabic - ??? Links!!!!!

Enya Midi Files Table Enya Midi Files!!!!!

Enya Mega-Site Enya Links!!!!!

TL's Chinese Music Page Chinese Midi and Music Links!!!!!

George's MIDI Universe Check out the Chinese Midi Link!!!!!

MIDI FTP Farm Midi Files!!!!!

The Complete Midi File Directory Midi Files!!!!!

Laura's Midi Heaven Rock 'n Roll Midi Files!!!!!

Mega's Midi Collection Nice collection well-organized - check out the Jazz section!!!!!

MIDI Madness Lots!!!!!

MIDI File Archive ABBA - ENYA - JARRE - OLDFIELD collections

Cool Sounds and Free Stuff Nice Midi Collection!!!

The Tree This WWW site is sound archive of music for MIDI users, Progressive Music Listeners or New Age Music Listeners. Included songs are created by izmi(Hidetoshi Imaizumi). All MIDI files and WAVE files (included this site) are download free.

Standard Midi Files on the Web links!!!!!

Classical MIDI Archives Software and Links!!

Music Has some good links

KLEM Electronic Music Megalinks

Tomita - Sound Creature Lots of stuff (may be very slow)!!

ENLAZATE! Si en Otras Fuentes os ofrecemos una amplia recopilacin de medios ajenos a Internet dedicados a nuestras msicas, aqu hacemos lo mismo para aquellos medios que tienen una cierta presencia en la red de redes. Por ahora, la lista no puede ser exhaustiva, pero crecer poco a poco para que finalmente podis tener una buena seleccin de recursos mantenidos por otras personas y grupos.

Ars Electronica Festival Click on 82 and 84 for some Tomita Stuff auf Deutsch

Welcome to 'JAZPIANO' Nice Collection of Jazz Midis

BRASIL MIDI Music Esta p墔ina est?sendo reestruturada ! Aguarde em breve uma nova p墔ina com um visual mais arrojado, MIDIS bem atuais e muitas novidades !

BRASIL MIDI Music Nice collection and LINKS!!!!

Science and Reference

Search term:

Start WebElements== Webster== MapBlast== Zip Codes== ArtNet==

Strange and Obscure Facts

The Human Languages Page comprehensive source=== RussianStory

The Translator's Home Companion List of On-Line Dictionaries

The Internet Services List= Project Genesis= National Flags= List of Dictionaries=

Yuan's Chinese Web=

Computer and Programming Links

Source for PTOC Ansi/Turbo Pascal to C/C++ Conversion Tool



Python for Win32

3D Mazes in Java also in C, Visual basic and VRML!!! - source provided

Black Coffee Websiteslinks to hundreds of apps, source code, etc. for JAVA users

The Last Wave ***All kinds of stuff by categories like ANIMATED GIFS links!!!!, etc.

Animation Factory over 9500 animated gifs!!!

SmallEiffel - download and more!!!

Central Institute of Technology CourseWare Learning on the web (GOOD SITE)

Programming Links Nice List!!!!

Turbo Pascal Programmer's Page Good Stuff - Good Links!!!

UNIX Reference Desk= C++ Website= UGU - Unix= TOA (OOP)= Silicon Graphics=

Animation, Images, Wallpaper, Eye Candy

REND386 Object Supermarket=

Desktop Junk= Wallpaper Heaven= Codehammer= Really Cool Icons= Wallpaper Weekly- Background City-

Thomas' POV-Ray CornerHas some large POV-Ray animations - also English and Deutsch

Get ALICE - a 3D Interactive Graphics Authoring/Programming Environment - FREE

simply 3d 2

extra Alice stuff

extra Alice stuff

UFO/Paranormal Links

UFO Folklore Really has a lot to offer!!! Lots of info, pix and links

Miscellaneous Chinese Links

eddy's Homepage A launch site to all sorts of things and sites Chinese!!! Check out the Logos link for logo-links to some kool sites.

Christian Wittern's Web Space - KanjiBase

Chinese Wonderland - Sunrise Index to Chinese Magazines

Chinese Chinese - English Dictionary (Chinese font required)
English to Chinese Basic Words and Phrases with pronounciation
English to Chinese Traveller's Basics: see Travlang's Language Page
Chinese to English Net Glossary (Chinese font required)
English-Chinese-English Computer Terminology (Chinese font required)
English to Chinese IT Dictionary (Chinese font required)
English-Chinese-English Medical Terms Dictionary (Chinese font required)
English to Chinese Taxation Glossary (Chinese font required)
Chinese Character Genealogy
Chinese Character Dictionary (English) Top Chinese
(Regional Usage)
Cantonese Chinese to English Glossary
Taiwanese to English Dictionary
Taiwanese to English Traveller's Basics: see Travlang's Language Page Top RICHINA Search= BUCT= Monster Search Engine in Taiwan= PC Home (tw)=

Geophysics - Chinese= National Museum of Marine Bology and Aquarium (tw)=

Chinese Astronomy

天 文 學 概 論 Lots of info!!!!!

Chinese Mathematics

藝術與科學的對話 殘形小棧 Chinese Fractal Page

Miscellaneous Japanese Links

Osaka Regional Information and Open Network Systems (ORIONS)

Language Links

Language Connect Lots of good resources ******


The Language Hub Any Lang, Anywhere - Huge!!!

Polyglot Plaza - Japanese/German/English/French/Spanish

The Virtual CALL Library at Sussex Univ many langs

Language Links at Wisc - many langs incl. Quechua

Sanskrit Documents Various tools for learning Sanskrit

Sanskrit Good on-line site for learning Sanskrit

Multilingual User Interface Software Software for viewing and using the Indian languages

A page of links like mine auf Deutsch!!!!

Bienvenue a la France Virtuelle

Polyglot Links to lots of audio material

Uni-Verse German Entry products and services in 6 Fremdsprachen

New Zealand Online Curriculum Resources - Languages Zhongwen, also Maori

World of Reading Foreign Lang software, book, tapes, etc. for kids & adults

Barry Brian Werger's Quechua Language Homepage Lessons!!

Clickable Map of Deutschland

Goethe Institut erheblich material um deutsch zu studieren

Judaism 101 Hebrew language fundamentals

EasyHebrew Excellent site for the study of the Hebrew Language

IsraelPrograms All kinds of info icluding language material

Macom NetworkingLTD Hebrew Pages!

Macom NetworkingLTD Hebrew Pages!

Elfwood pix!!!

Fantasy Art scroll down to Other Fantasy related sites:

Poetry and The Visual Arts linx!!!

Dark Side of the Web Dark Art and Images Linx!!!

Tau Ceti Sci-Fi Art Gallery many artists featured thumbnails!!!

My Main Home Page Here on Tripod

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