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Object Granularity in CORBA-Systems for Air Traffic Control Simulations Check it out

Air Nav AirNav provides free access to detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA. We offer some fast database searches, allowing the pilot to retrieve information which may assist in flight planning. It's also useful for some hangar flying on those days when the weather or the checkbook keep you on the ground.

Collaborative / Shared Environments

JAMM Java Applets Made Multiuser
JAMM (Java Applets Made Multiuser) is an application-sharing system that allows multiple users to simultaneously work in a single-user application. JAMM provides flexible support of multiple styles of collaboration by allowing co-workers to view and change different parts of the shared data simultaneously.

JCE JCE: Java Collaborative Environment
Although multimedia desktop conferencing and application sharing among geographically dispersed users are increasingly popular modalities, their spread is inhibited by platform-dependency problems. Ideally, each participant in the same collaborative conference should be able to use whatever platform he or she prefers. For instance, a participant prefers to use PC running Windows 95 or Windows NT. Other participant may want to use workstations running X windows over Unix, yet others may use Macintoshs.
The major objective of this project is to develop Java-based collaboration mechanisms that provide solutions to overcome the platform-dependency problems for collaborative computing in heterogeneous systems. We have developed mechanisms to intercept, distribute and recreate the user events that allow collaborative Java applications to be shared among conference participants. These mechanisms can be run transparently on any system implementing Java. The prototype we have developed is referred as JCE, Java Collaborative Environment which allows participants to have real-time interaction with each other and remotely work together as a team.
Another objective is to use the JCE from Internet browsers such as the Netscape Navigator and the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Due to some of the limitation imposed by Internet browsers and Java Applets for security and other reasons, the participants may not be able to perform certain functions. However, we would like to maximize what can be done through the World-Wide Web, identify those functions that cannot be done through it and help the users to perform these functions via a parallel stand-alone interface.

JETS JETS: A Java-Enabled TeleCollaboration System
JETS is a collaboration system designed for real-time sharing of Java applets. Using any Java-enabled Web browser, multiple users in a telecollaboration session are able to share generic applications in the form of Java applets as shown in the figure below:
There are many features that make JETS a more accessible system compared to other telecollaboration systems. First, JETS is platform independent: users can use any operating system or platform, such as Windows NT, IBM, SUN, SGI, and so on, as long as they use a basic Java-enabled Web browser such as the Netscape Navigator or the Internet Explorer. Second, there is no downloading or any system installation required from the client side; once the package is installed on the network, all that users have to do is to go to a certain URL in order to join a live collaboration session.
The interesting issue here is that theoretically, JETS can be accessed not only by computers, but also by Internet-ready devices such as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) equipment, Network Stations, and future Internet phones and Web TV's. This makes JETS even more accessible and assures its continuous usage in the future.

NCSA Habanero NCSA Habanero is a collaborative framework and set of applications that allow users to share tasks from remote locations in real time over the Internet. It also enables developers of groupware applications to build powerful collaborative software in a reduced amount of time. Since Habanero is written in Java, it will run under any operating system that supports JDK 1.1.X. The Habanero framework, or API, provides the necessary libraries that developers can call upon to create or convert existing applications into collaborative applications. The Habanero applications consist of a client, a server and a variety of tools.
We believe collaborative technologies represent the next major break-through in communication for the Internet community and will cause a fundamental restructuring in the nature of distributed work by improving the efficiency and productivity of remote teams. The NCSA Habanero project hopes to provide the catalyst to this change by providing an initial set of useful tools and a framework so other developers can port existing tools and create additional collaborative applications.

non-English Java
JavaWorld Russia #03/98

JDK 1.2 のパッケージ Nihongo

Java Tips Nihongo

Java Einführung - Kursunterlage

Kaffee & Kuchen Deutsch - was sonst??

Le langage Java à l'EPFL

Remi Forax - Java The Hutt en francais

Chinese Yahoo - Java Zhongwen

Java筆記簿 列有相關資源及作品。

爪哇咖啡屋 Java Applet輔助工具及資源蒐集。

The Swing Connection the Swing Web site, The Swing Connection. That's the place where we're putting the information developers ask us for the most, with the content coming straight from the designers and implementers of Swing.

The Swing section of the Java Tutorial

JAVA Charting
Ptolemy Group Java Classes Check out the Java ptplot stuff!!!


Commercial Check out the scrolling stripchart!!!

NETCHARTS Check out the StripChart under NetCharts Applets and Applications

*** Technologies Documentees *** NEW Graphical Recorder Java Bean (JDK 1.1), Freeware. Instrument-like java bean that can display a running or static graphic of numeric values. It can have multiple traces, a grid, 2 cursors and it can generate semantic level events.

NASA - Gallery of Java Applets We saw this one at work Monday

Check This one, Ed!!!

KEYNOTE Jeff Johnson, Hubble Space Telescope, Graphical User Interface Team Lead, Lockheed Martin Space Mission Systems April 4, 1997

Class sunw.admin.avm.base.StripChart


SUN JAVA== Javasoft== Javasoft Beans==

Sam Pullara's Java Page==

GNU & Java==

BISS AWT BISS AWT is a java framework of about 150 Java classes for building graphical applications with state-of-the-art user interfaces. Instead of following the "OS-native" look-and-feel (like Suns java.awt), it implements its own "Java-native" look-and-feel.

JAVA Tutorials

Chinese Tutorial On Java JAVA Tutorial in Chinese (GB)

Kneedeep in Java 'Kneedeep in Java' is a new tutorial for the programming language Java. It is not meant to be a beginners guide to Java. Here we discuss advanced topics of Java - for example how sophisticated graphic effects can be programmed.
Chinese version available!!!!

*****Dick Baldwin's Java Programming Tutorials A must have resource for Java!!!!

*****Java Cheat Sheet Handy little reference.

*****Java Quick Reference Another Handy little reference.

Links to Java Links

Cafe de Java Nice set of links!!

Programmers Heaven Links to Java and ActiveX==

Main Jpage Excellent set of java links!!

JAVA GLOSSARY Links to FAQs and How-To's and documentation


IBM Software Home== J Central - IBM Java Page== Java for OS/390 HomePage== MAPUCCINO==

Visual Age Developer Domain== J Central - Power Search==
ObjectSpace JGL

ObjectSpace JGL – The Generic Collection Library for Java


VisAD Home Page==

JFA The purpose of the JFA effort is to create a suite of totally free, commercial quality, Swing-based applications to help show the world why we are so enthusiastic about the future of Java.

The JFA effort is now being organized, and volunteers are needed to help with the organization. The first thing we need to do is to create a volunteer questionnaire that will help us better understand the skills of each potential volunteer and locate the right place for him/her in the group structure.

Java 3D

The JAVA 3D FAQ=== The Java 3D Respository at SDSC=== Java 3D API Home Page at Sun=== Ross Finlayson's Java 3D Land==
Computer Graphics & Java3D Hey all,.. I've made my own cone, sphere, and torus classes (wow! you ---say..... How did he do that?) and they are here!!!

The FAQ: A beginners FAQ to JavaBeans and clj.beans. Excellent Reference!!!

Java Beans Get some here!!!

Java Woman Marjolein's JavaBeans links- excellent!!

Marjolein's links to Java Development Tools and Environments Another page on Java Woman's Site - Good Stuff!!

Ylian Saint-Hilaire software For Java programmers, talk a look at my Java Beans components SProgressBar, DigitBox, and Bevel... Beans are offerd in the JAR file format

VOCARO Free Beans and a nice Bean FAQ!!!!

My Beans Links Bean Links!!!!

COOLSHARE Cool and FREE Java Stuff - Downloads

JAVA Game Programming

Purple Wizard Game Programming Page Tutorials, Freeware, Demos, Links...

Java Game Development Center Code, Theory, Resource, Links...

Programmer's Heaven Game Page Game source and programming (various languages)

Gamelet Toolkit The Gamelet Toolkit is a powerful, robust, scalable, object oriented framework of classes and interfaces used for developing arcade style video games and entertainment applets. It provides classes for the management of several key functions including sprite animation, display optimization, and scoring.

Java Vault 200+ games nicely organized

Veronica Java Games links to games and source

Learn Java programming with game Othello (Reversi) Please send check or money order $39.95 to:

Daleks! applet v1.4 java robot board game!!! & source

Some Java Pages

Sunsite@UTK Nice collection of resources and links!!!

Main Java Gallery Nice collection of resources and links!!!

ACME Java - Software FREE java classes - lots, applets and apps!!!

ACME Java - Software FREE java classes - lots, applets and apps!!!

DEVINFO - Languages:Java:Applet sites LINKS to applets

Top:Computers and Internet:Programming Languages:Java:Applets Java applet links!!!!

WEB Gate - Applets Java Brazilian Site - 46 Applets the cyberplace Where I got the 3-D Java Chart with the little wheelies!!!!
Iwan van Rienen's Homepage! Java!!! This is where song li got battle tetris
Imaging Raytracer Applet Really Kool!!
Bob On The Web Great Java applets and apps available here!!!

Java Class Warehouse The Java Class Warehouse began 2 years ago and quickly became a very popular repository for high-quality reusable Java classes. Because of the load it put on the original system (my personal Linux box in Australia), it was closed down. It's taken me a while but things are almost ready to bring it back—this time on a server in the US with plenty of bandwidth

The Java World Book List

Java Language Taiwan Site (Big-5 available) - Links to Java Resources

Java Programming Resources LOTS!!!

BEJUG - Belian Java User's Group=== BEJUG's Code Engineering Page===

JavaChart Applets and Class Library JavaChart is a class library for creating data charts in Java. These charts include conventional bar, pie, line, and area charts, as well as combinations of various types of data representations (mixed bar & area charts, for example). JavaChart's extensible architecture also permits Java programmers to add new kinds of charting elements to combine with existing chart elements.

Core Web Programming This Web page contains links to all of the HTML, Java, and JavaScript examples given throughout Core Web Programming (CWP), listed on a per-chapter basis in the order they appear in the book. Each chapter also gives on-line links for all URLs referenced in the chapter.

JavaWorld e-zine== Java Developer's Journal - Daily== JSCAPE== JAVA BOUTIQUE== Java Coffee Break== The Applet Arcade (Java Games)== Gamelan==

IBM - Visual Age

subArctic Home page FREE - SubArctic is not yet another AWT widget set. It is a complete, full- functioned, industrial strength toolkit designed to be used for all your user interface needs. SubArctic is based on 10 years of toolkit research and is designed to offer the advanced interface techniques needed to go beyond static interfaces and simple collections of widgets.

Tom Yarker - Java 1.1 Source Code Shareware Lots of downloadable shareware

Earthweb's JARS.COM== Beans Unlimited==

Writing a Simple JavaBean Part of an online tutorial


3D Mazes in Java also in C, Visual basic and VRML!!! - source provided

Black Coffee Websiteslinks to hundreds of apps, source code, etc. for JAVA users

Commercial Java Charts links

Rogue Wave Software Rogue Wave Software's JChart 1.0 offers developers a Java library with a palette of 2-D and 3-D interactive charts. Available online for $195 via Rogue Wave's online store (800-487-3217), JChart provides a variety of fully customizable charts that you embed into Java applets using as little as two lines of code. You can also create new charts from scratch, because JChart uses an architecture based on the Java-Bean event model. Charts can be updated in real time, or you can schedule updates.

KL Group Targeting a wider range of charting applications is KL Group's JClass Chart (800-663-4723). This $399 JavaBean component, which you can use in an HTML page or embed in a Java application or applet, supports a multitude of business and scientific 2-D and 3-D charts: JClass Chart allows you to mix images and URLs with labels, titles, and legends--all of which are in rich text format. You can have a flexible data source for accessing files, JDBC, sockets, and more, as well as for such interactivity as rotating, drilling down, zooming, and scaling.

Three D Graphics Perspective for Java (formerly known as Perspective JavaChart) is our new developer tool for placing live, editable charts directly within your web page. It's a full JDK 1.1 Bean, Applet, and class library. Perspective for Java was a Finalist in PC Week's "Best of Comdex" competition at Comdex Fall 1997!


The Outtasight Page Has a good links section!!!!

Shaun Ivory's Freeware Page Panorama32 and more

Publishers Resources

Macmillan Publishing - SAMS - Information Superlibrary Download source code for computer books, etc.

Computer and Programming Links

Source for PTOC Ansi/Turbo Pascal to C/C++ Conversion Tool

Download PFE Programmer's File Editor 0.06.002

Home Page of PFE

China Computerworld (BG)== PC World China (BG)==

Python for Win32

The Last Wave All kinds of stuff by categories like anim gifs, etc.

SmallEiffel - download and more!!!

Central Institute of Technology CourseWare Learning on the web (GOOD SITE)

Programming Links Nice List!!!!

Turbo Pascal Programmer's Page Good Stuff - Good Links!!!

UNIX Reference Desk= C++ Website= UGU - Unix= TOA (OOP)= Silicon Graphics= ( or )

My Main Home Page Here on Tripod

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