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Some Links

Intelligenesis Corporation

This is the site that sparked my interest!!

Intelligenesis Corporation IntelliGenesis Corporation is about to unleash a bold new technology that'll revolutionize the business intelligence software market. WebMind(tm), our radical breakthrough in software architecture, is decades more advanced than anything on the market today: It will render current data processing methods obsolete because WebMind(tm) is, in essence, the human thought process, imposed on data. Simply put, it's the difference between searching for facts in a vacuum of context and holding a dialogue with a digital intelligence that understands what you mean.

Principia Cybernetica Web

Principia Cybernetica Web This is the web server of the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP), an international organization. PCP tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. Stated more precisely, the Project's aim is the computer-supported collaborative development of an evolutionary-systemic philosophy.


Serendip Serendip is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. Originating in interactions among neurobiologists, computer scientists, business people, and educators, Serendip is both an expanding forum and a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education, in social organization... and in how one makes sense of life.

Santa Fe Institute

Santa Fe Institute The Santa Fe Institute is a private, non-profit, multidisciplinary research and education center, founded in 1984. Since its founding SFI has devoted itself to creating a new kind of scientific research community, pursuing emerging science. Operating as a small, visiting institution, SFI seeks to catalyze new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other individuals and encourage the practical applications of its results.

Java Applets for Neural Networks and Artificial Life

Java Applets for Neural Networks and Artificial Life Nice set of links in English (or Japanese)
for sites with Java Applets for AI!!

International Neural Network Society The International (INNS), European (ENNS), and Japanese (JNNS) Neural Network Societies are associations of scientists, engineers, students, and others seeking to learn about and advance our understanding of the modeling of behavioral and brain processes, and the application of neural modeling concepts to technological problems.

ISIS Help and Resource Lists

AI Links AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy links

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