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Edward G. Jaggard


Summary of Qualifications:

Mr. Jaggard has nearly thirty years of software engineering experience in both commercial and scientific/engineering environments. Mr. Jaggard has a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Natural Science from Thomas A. University in New Jersey with most course work taken at Drexel University as a Physics Major. Mr. Jaggardís experience includes both mainframe and PC, UNIX, and IBM programming, systems analysis, software engineering and management. In recent years, Mr. Jaggard has worked on the FAA NAS system, Artificial Intelligence projects, FAA Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System and a Runway Configuration and Management System. Mr. Jaggard has experience in a variety of computer languages on various operating platforms with recent experience in GUI programming using Java.


BA Natural Sciences, Thomas A. Edison College, Trenton, NJ

Currently enrolled in a Master's Degree Program with Heriot-Watt University - major in International Management

Professional Courses:

IBM C Language, Data Base Architecture, DG Data Base Management, IBM

IMS/VS, C++ Object Oriented Programming, Talarian RTworks



System Resources Corporation - FAA Technical Center - Mar 1998 - Current

System Engineer: Java programming and GUI design support for the Target Generator Facility (TGF). Java programming using the latest version of Sunís JDK (currently 1.2beta4) and the Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing) in a Windows/Unix environment. Current project is to develop a GUI interface using Java for selection and filtering of Data Reduction and Analysis (DRA) data collected during TGF simulations. This job also involves support for TGF simulations supporting FAA programs TATCA and STARS.

Jan 1997 - Mar 1998 Senior Systems Engineer for TCAS Conversion:

Evaluation of PASCAL to C/C++ conversion tools for large-scale conversion of the TCAS system. Efforts have been focused on two products, one of which uses a GNU freeware package called Bison to parse and translate. This has involved becoming familiar with compiler construction, parsers, lexical analyzers and grammar files as well as porting UNIX tools to an MS-DOS Windows 95 environment. This task has involved extensive coding in C/C++ as well as the ability to read and understand Turbo Pascal programs.

Jan 1996 - Jan 1997 Project Engineer for AI/Voice Technology:

Software design and development for the Human Factors prototype system for Artificial Intelligence applied to Airway Facilities. Developing prototype system to monitor and control ATCBI-5 facility using Rtworks software package from Talarian, Inc. Using OSF/Motif , Xt Intrinsics Toolkit, GNU C language and Oracle to develop a testing interface to Rtworks. Developing programs in Visual Basic 4.0 and Microsoft Access for symbology testing in Human Factors.

May 1989 - January 1996- Task Leader of Systems Programming Group:

Coordinate the activities of three systems programmers with needs of the customer utilizing MVS/ESA operating system for the TCDC job shop IBM 3090. Own duties include overlapping application support for system users with system maintenance and enhancement utilizing major programming languages (C Language, Assembler, PASCAL, FORTRAN and COBOL). Extensive use of JCL, CLISTS and REXX code. Primary responsibility for SMF record processing with periodic use of SMP/E when applying IBM supplied system maintenance. Wrote several C language programs to process SMF data and to do graphical display of system resources on both the mainframe using C/370 and on the PC using Borland C++.

Computer Resource Management, INC - FAA Tech Ctr. March 1986 - May 1989

Application and systems programmer on IBM 4321 developing a Runway Configuration Management System (RCMS) for Chicago O'Hare. Applications work was done in PL/I and Assembler. Systems work was done on IBM VS/CMS operating system. Project was completed successfully but not implemented. Also assisted in development work for The Airport Capacity group writing several C language programs to read aircraft tracking data with a graphical display output of approach and departure tracks at Seattle.

Sept. 1981 - March 1986 - Director of Atlantic City Operations:

Responsibility for staff of 25-30 programmers involved in several projects at FAA Technical Center including Administrative applications on the Data General MV/8000, the Remote Control Interface Unit (RCIU) monitoring long range radar, development of a Data Base system for the Horizontal/Vertical Separation project. In addition to managerial responsibilities, performed technical duties in several of the project areas involving programming and system testing. Technical responsibilities included a project to develop a mobile FAA Display system to be used at schools. This project involved writing C language programs to do animated display of FAA functions and activities using Halo graphics and a voice synthesizer.

Federal Aviation Administration - FAA Tech Center

GS-12 Computer Specialist - January 1981 - September 1981

February 1982 - July 1982

Worked in Terminal Systems maintenance on ARTS IIIA and EARTS supporting the NAS system. Coded and tested code in ULTRA on Univac based system for ARTS IIIA implementing maintenance. Performed design work on MSAW (Minimum Safe Altitude Warning). Performed system builds. Special Assignments writing SuperWylbur macros on the IBM 4341 Job Shop System. Interacted and supplied technical assistance to contractor on development of the Conflict Alert subsystem used in the ARTS systems.

Verve Research Corporation - FAA Tech Center - June 1980 - December 1980

Senior Systems Design Analyst:

Short term project developing design requirements document for the FAA for the National Maintenance Management Information System. Resolved Problem Technical Reports on the Maintenance Automated Reporting System (MARS) using RPG and the IBM 3090 stand-alone operating system.

Data Transformation Corporation - FAA Tech Center July 1978 - June 1980

Senior Systems Analyst:

Design and programming support for the Flight Service Station Automation System including programming display of radar data, printing of radar graphics, code to support key-board interface, pilot data base with Aircraft, Airway and NAVAID data. Programming done in assembler on Interdata 8/32 and Genisco GCT-3000.

OAO Corporation - FAA Tech Center December 1977 - July 1978

Task Manager Analyst/Designer:

Group Task Leader for group of three programmers doing analysis/design/programming of an on-line Radar Coverage Performance Monitor and on on-line Flight Data Processing I/O (FDPIO) Monitor to check performance of hardware. Work was performed on the NAS Monitor running on the IBM 9020 multi-processing system.

ACME Markets, Inc., Philadelphia, PA November 1971 - December 1977

Programmer Analyst and Technical Staff Ass't to V.P., MIS:

Began as programmer in the corporate financial systems using COBOL and Assembler with extensive JCL on both DOS and OS operating systems with IBM mainframes. Selected via a competitive screening process to become technical staff assistant. Duties as such involved a number of special projects including development of a data dictionary using IMS data base management, evaluation of several major DBMS systems, programmer for a special Power Management Project using EDX on an IBM system 7.

Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, PA December 1968 - November 1971

Programmer Trainee:

1401 autcoder maintenance programmer. Conversion of 1401 autocoder to IBM 360 using COBOL. Maintenance programming covered wide range of corporate business areas including sales and distribution programs.

Programming Languages:

C Language, C++ OOP, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, IBM Assembler, ULTRA, JOVIAL, PL/I, Visual Basic 4.0; also BISON Parser and FLEX lexical analyzer

Operating Systems: Windows 3.11, Windows 95, UNIX, LINUX, IBM MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, OS 360/370, DOS, Data General AOS/VS, TANDEM Guardian, VM/CMS, Interdata OS

Special Projects:

Using VB 4.0 and C++ on Pentium 166 to develop Chinese Tutor program with 7000+ Chinese characters in graphics mode with dictionary/tutoring functions - program available for demo.

Special Interests:

Foreign Languages including reading skills in German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Currently studying Arabic and Japanese. Physics and math - college math calculus through complex variables, vector analysis. Special interest in quantum mechanics, gravitational theories and cosmology.

Special Awards and Achievements:

Private Pilot License National Honor Society in High School

Appointment to United States Air Force Academy

Sophomore Physics Achievement Award at Drexel University