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Ed Jaggard's Languages Page on Tripod

Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day A new Feature (11-20-97)
Language Sites
The Language Hub Any Lang, Anywhere - Huge!!!

Language and Lingoid Links Links!!!! Interesting!!!

Languages with more than 30,000,000 Speakers as of 1993 Info!!!! Very Interesting!!!

Alternate Dictionary Source Check out slang terms for many world languages

Blackwell Linguistics Resources Linguistics and Language references *****


Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive for Windows shareware and freeware fonts

General Language Links for Language Teachers/Students

Foreign Language Teaching Forum
Awesome Library - K - 12 Language Lesson Plans

USAFA Department of Foreign Languages

Ed Jaggard's Language Page on Geocities Lots of Stuff

Language Resources Huge collection for educators


American Indian Languages

Survey for California and Other Indian Languages The history of American Indian language study at UC Berkeley makes it the top institution of the country in its field.The Department of Linguistics at Berkeley has a long tradition of excellent work in the area of American Indian languages, which was in fact its main focus in its first decades of existence. Dozens of dissertations and hundreds of publications on American Indian languages have been produced by the students and faculty here.

Danny Ammon's Hupa Language Web Page I am putting this Web Page together to assist others in trying to learn to speak the Hupa Language as well as to help me in my study of the language and attempt to improve my own speaking ability. It is an honest effort with the hopes that it may aid in something very important... that our language will continue to be spoken - Language Page links to Navajo, Oneida, Sioux, Dakota, Lakota, Cherokee

Foundation for Endangered Languages

Guide To SouthWest Tribes and Reservations

The Cherokees of California, Inc. The Cherokees of California, Inc., is a non-profit tribal organization. It is not affiliated with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, nor is it a federally recognized tribal entity. We are banded together as descendants of a common Cherokee heritage. Our primary purpose is to preserve and pass on to the next generation our traditions, history and language. We invite all interested people who want to re-new ties with their Cherokee heritage to come and join us.

Native American Links NativeNet NativeNet is designed to promote dialogue and understanding regarding indigenous peoples of all parts of the world. It provides a set of electronic mailing lists and archives and maintains a list of references to relevant information on the Web. Please see our information page to learn more about the history, vision and possible future ofNativeNet.

Endangered-Languages-L Welcome to the Endangered-Languages-L Forum! This email list and associated web pages aim to provide a world-wide communications vehicle and a central electronic archive for anyone working on, or interested in, the study and documentation of endangered languages.

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas *********!!!!!!!!!!

Arabic Sites

Amr's Arabic ArchiveSoftware and Hardware for Arabization

Modern Standard Arabic Page Excellent source of resources and links for the study of Arabic

Arabic Computing Homepage Another Excellent source of resources and links for the study of Arabic


Spanish Sites

Taller Hispano

CiberCentro La puerta de entrada a un mondo de información para los Hispanos

MundoHispano the Spanish Language Learning MOO

Zooloco Zoologico virtual

Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading an educational reading program in Spanish for dominant Spanish speakers

Latino Literature Web Page The name says it all - well worthwhile!!

Hebrew Sites

Hebrew Resources Learn, Study, Speak Hebrew Excellent site!!!!

Italiano Sites

Italian Language Sites Good list of links for Italian Language

Quechua Sites

Curso de Quechua El Curso consta de 12 capítulos,
los cuales se irán agregado progresivamente,
asi como los archivos de audio (en formato WAV y RA).

Russian Sites

Russian Teacher Resource Exchange

Roy's Russian Language Resources Lots of Stuff!!!

Maksim Moshkow's Library Extensive amount of Reading Material

Sanskrit Sites

Samskrita Bharati's HomepageLessons, fonts One-Stop Site for Sanskrit!!

Swahili Sites

Kiswahili Home Page Excellent site with much material

majira Daily Swahili Newspaper on the Internet (Tanzania)

Svenska Sites

Svenska sidan


Puede be isa nalang (Tagalog for There Can Be Only One)

Speak Tagalog Web Page Good Starting Point

Robert Purnell's Tagalog Classes Good Next Stop - with audio!!

LERNEN SIE PHILIPPINISCH! Diese Seite ist für Österreicher/innen, die sich an Pilipino, die Staatssprache, oder eine der anderen Sprachen der Philippinen heranwagen wollen. Pilipino basiert auf der Tagalog-Sprache, die vor allem auf Luzon und anderen nördlichen Inseln gesprochen wird. Hier finden Sie auch Lektionen aus dem Internet und Verweise auf Institutionen oder Privatpersonen, die Filipino-Kurse veranstalten. Darüber hinaus sind auch wissenschaftliche Arbeiten aufgelistet.

Handilinks Languages - Tagalog (Check this one out!!! Lots of resources!!

LET'S STUDY TAGALOG Excellent material!!

Let's Learn Some Tagalog A few useful phrases

Say Hello in the Tagalog Language Good audio resources

Tagalog Dictionary..For Windows 95 Free Download!!! - Philippines & Filipinos Online! Check out the link to "Learn to Speak Tagalog" - Excellent!!!

Kadenang Pinoy (Philippine Links) Maynila uses the following links as a means of reaching out to Filipinos in the Internet. Kadenang Pinoy visits and reviews Philippine related sites and homepages and presents a collection of links that might be of interest to the readers. Consider Kadenang Pinoy as your virtual library of resources and references.

Philippine History and Culture Excellent!!!

Turkish Sites

Learning Practical Turkish Home Page Nicely arranged site with good material

Zhongwen - Chinese

My Chinese Page on geocities More links to Stuff - dong1xi5
Page of 800+ links to Chinese China-related material
Links to On-Line Chinese Text
Chinese Language and Resources Excellent site for links!!!!
Yifan's China Garden Interesting Chinese material!!!! Seems to be a lot of stuff here!!!!
Chinese Software Superstore Check this one out!!
Chinese Hot Links Nicely organized links to chinese newspapers, etc!!
My Chinese Information Page Lots of links to interesting material!!
Chinese Utility Page All Chinese page of intriguing links
Yu-Wen Chen's Home Page 32 categories of Chinese reading material
Welcome to the World of Chinese Magazines so it's magazines you're looking for??
Global Chinese Web links, links, and more links
Hao Wu's links to Chinese WWW services very comprehensive - excellent one-stop source
On-Line Chinese Character Dictionary claims to have over 15,000 Trad and Simp Chars
On-Line Chinese Character Dictionary If the preceding link is broken, try this one!!!!
Mswin CNapps (Chinese software) Download Chinese software
B.I.S. Information Systems A source for 100s of titles of Asian software
Resources for the Teaching and Learning of Chinese Dartmouth
Infomedical Medical Info in various languages (incl Zhongwen)
OK88 English-Chinese Dictionary Expanding on-line dictionary
¦r¨å/Ãã¨å/³N»y¬d¸ß on-line dictionaries
Charley's Bookmarks mostly in Chinese!!!
The Government Information Office, R.O.C. Check it out!!!!
Chinese Language Computing
??? Check it out!!!!


George Seto's Gaelic Link Page= Scottish Gaelic Learners Association of the Bay Area = Am Braighe - a celtic newspaper

Gael Force a US importer in Fresno, California, that carries a variety of materials, including books, videos, and music CDs Links to other sites on the Web

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig -- Scottish Gaelic College on the Isle of Skye
An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaga -- Largest Scottish Gaelic Organization in the U.S.
Black Mountain Gaelic Society -- for Beginners to Scottish Gaelic
Craig Cockburn's Scottish Gaelic and Culture Links
Scottish and Irish Gaelic Resources at UNC
Irish Gaelic Resources -- "Ceantar"


The Mongolia Society, Inc. Mongolian Culture and Language

Mongolian Arts and Culture nice set of links


The Human Languages Page Huge list of Web Language Resources

Translator's On-Line Resources

List of Linguist Journals faily comprehensive list

Paratype - Internet Font Fair Fonts

My Main Home Page Here on Tripod