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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day Page


shi2 zi4 gou1 tou2

phillips head (of a screw)

shi2 - ten; complete; (in this word - used for its shape)
zi4 - word; character
shi2zi4 - a cross
gou1 - groove
tou2 - head

Here you are!! The Chinese for the "other" type of screw (other than flathead, that is.) The word is obviously refers to the shape of a phillips head screw.

February 25, 1998


mei3 fen1 zhong1 zhuan4 shu4

rpm; revolutions per minute

mei3 - each; every
fen1zhong1 - minute
zhuan4 - turn; revolve; rotate; revolution
shu4 - number; a count

Here's a common and useful term from the field of mechanics or mechanical engineering.

February 25, 1998


si1 niang4


si1 - contraband
niang4 - to brew

mmm xx, 1998

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