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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day Page

MVIEW Pro 4.02 and MViewNT Pro 2.00

NEW 6-17-98

MView Pro 4.02 and MViewNT Pro 2.00 (Support Internet Explorer 4.01, Netscape 4.05 and Microsoft Office 97) Free download for ALL and free upgrade for registered users

If you need software to view Chinese (or Japanese or Korean), there is an excellent shareware program called MVIEW that is easy to install and use. I've just downloaded an updated version, mview338, which I like so much that I have made it available here.

Download 1.525 Meg

If you download and install mview338, you will probably need to configure it with the 24 bit fonts (the default is 16 bit). I have also made available a zip file with a 24 x 24 bit Chinese Big-5 font for downloading.

Download 616 Kb

Just follow the directions in mview338 for configuring chn2.ini for the larger font.
Your chn2.ini will have the following lines:



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