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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for June 1999

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nang4 bir2

snuffle; speak through the nose

nang4 - snuffle; snuffling
bir2 - nose

Here is a word which may not be in every dictionary and yet represents something common in everyday life. This word is representative of the kind of words that I want to contribute on this website.

A second thing is the first character itself. I like to look for exotic or unusual characters in my study of Chinese and this one is definitely not going to be found in your list of 1000 most frequently used characters!!

In addition to the meaning of "snuffle", this word can also be used in the sense of someone who speaks with a twang. (Whoa! I just used a word that I don't think is in my database, "twang". I'll be looking that one up!)

June 1, 1999


xin1shi4 zi4dong4 shou1suo1 zhuang1zhi4


xin1shi4 - ventricle (of the heart)
zi4dong4 - automatic
shou1suo1 - systole
zhuang1zhi4 - a mechanical device; installation

This Chinese word is made up of four separate words, each one of which is a useful word in its own right. Together, they create a word for "(cardiac) pacemaker".

June 23, 1999

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The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Pacemakers Interesting page

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qing1 xing3 meng4

lucid dream

qing1 - clear, simple and easily understandable
xing3 - wake up to; to be soberminded; realize; understand; wake up to reality
meng4 - dream (n/v); to see visions

This Chinese word refers to a very interesting and intriguing phenomenon which gained some publicity a few years ago with the books Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Steven LaBerge, Ph.D., Stanford University. Lucid dreaming refers to a dreaming state in which the dreamer becomes consciously aware that he/she is dreaming and in some cases is actually able to interact and manipulate the dream images. I have tried for years to do this, and in several cases was able to determine that I was in a dream state. However, in all those cases except for one, I became so excited that I was lucid dreaming that I ended up waking myself. In the one case I was able to control my dream for a short while. I've listed some links that you may find interesting.

June 24, 1999

Lucid Dream Resources - The Lucidity Institute Lectures, Workshops and Conferences. Books, tapes, scientific publications and lucidity induction devices.

Lucid Dreaming Lobby More of the same as above.

Lucid Dreams Spanish language site worth checking out.

Dreams Collection Chinese language site dealing with dreams - check out the links on the page that lead to lucid dreaming sites (which are mostly in English!).

The Monroe Institute Founded in 1985 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit research facility, educational center, and membership organization, the Institute operates on the premise that focused consciousness contains solutions to the questions of human existence and that first-person experiences in such states of consciousness provide something of value.

傳 真 機
chuan2 zhen1 ji1

fax machine

chuan2 - 1. to pass (a ball, an order, learning, etc.) on to 2. to propagate; disseminate; issue; proclaim
zhen1 - true; real; factual; genuine; actual; substantial
chuan2zhen1 - 1. portaiture 2. fax; facsimile
ji1 - machine; machinery

I try to avoid a serious temptation to load this word a day site with computer terms, even though some of you have asked for more computer terminology. There is a link in the frame at the lower left that provides a lookup capability for computer terms.

"Fax machine" is a word that spills over from the computer world into everyday usage. If you don't know what a fax machine is, then you've been leading a very sheltered life.

June 28, 1999


jing1 zai3

whale calf

jing1 - whale
zai3 - a young animal

This is a fairly self-explanatory word and reads the same in Chinese as it does in English - "whale - calf".

June 29, 1999

Chinese site with a picture of a 偽虎鯨(False Killer Whale)

Chinese site with info on whales

巨鯨資訊流通網A (Chinese) computer company that uses the whale as a logo (This is where I got the animated gif !!)


si4 yuan2 shu4


si4 - four
yuan2 - 1. the beginning; the first; original 2. the head 3. element; component
shu4 - number

Quaternions are interesting mathematical entities which have recently been found to be quite useful in the realm of computer graphics. Quaternions play a heavy role in the world of fractals - just load the word quaternion into a search engine like Hotbot and check out the references.

Quaternions are an extension of complex numbers, with 4 parts instead of 2. That is, a quaternion Q equals a+ib+jc+kd, where a,b,c,d are reals. Quaternions have rules for addition and multiplication.

The Chinese word for quaternion is fairly obvious when you read the defintion of a quaternion. It is a four - part - number. Simple word - complex mathematics.

June 30, 1999

FRACTINT Quaternion Nice explanation of quaternions, linked in to The Fractint Home Page

Quaternions See Pictures of quaternions!!

Quaternion DemonstratorAn interactive tool for demonstrating the composition of unit quaternions and how they represent rotations. The provided executable executes only on Silicon Graphics workstations.

Pictures related to Sir William Rowan Hamilton These are some pictures related to Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805--65), Irish algebraicist, astronomer, and physicist; discoverer of quaternions.


xing1qiu2 lu3xing2 mi2


xing1qiu2 - star
lu3xing2 - travel
mi2 - fan; enthusiast

This Chinese word is made up of four separate words, each one of which is a useful word in its own right. Together, they create a word for "(cardiac) pacemaker".

June 25, 1999

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