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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for July 1999

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kan3 ke3 bang1


kan3ke3 - 1. unlucky; bad luck 2. ruggedness of the road
bang1 - state; country; nation

Quick! What's the opposite of "utopia"?
Why, "kakotopia", of course!
Here's an English word that I'd never seen until I stumbled across it in my English-Chinese dictionary. The English word is derived from Greek - kako- bad + topos place.

It gives me a chance to pass on a couple of Chinese chacters that you don't run into very often - kan3ke3. Kan3 is often used in transliterations for words like Kentucky, Camden, Canberra. Ke3 only appears in my dictionary in combination with kan3. The word kan3ke3 makes a good "passive vocabulary"-word. The word kan3ke3bang1 may make it a little easier to remember these infrequently seen characters.

I did a search on one of the Chinese search engines using the chatacters kan3ke3 and found a couple of matches which are listed to the right. (for what it's worth)

July 01, 1999

bad man's file contains the characters kan3ke3 大壞人的坎坷歲月

1st Globe Fortune & Solution House contains the characters kan3ke3 來對網友的坎坷及不順的時候

顴 弓
quan2 gong1

zygoma; zygomatic arch

quan2 - the cheek-bone
gong1 - 1. a bow 2. bent; arching; arched

Here's a great "Z" word for the dictionary. Also, it's a great "Aha!" type word; so that's what you call it.

The zygomatic arch is the horizontal arch of the cheek bone, formed by the temporal process of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic process of the temporal bone that attaches the masseter muscle.
The Anatomy Browser's glossary of Anatomical Terms

If you feel along the side of your face, (right or left, macht's nichts) between the eye and ear just above the jaw, you can feel the the ridge of bone called the zygomatic arch. If you do this while other people are watching, they'll probably think that you're having a toothache or something. Just tell them that you're feeling your quan2gong1 or zygomatic arch. Yeh, right!!!

Anyway, the best resource link I found for this item is the first link to the right "Skeletal System". Defintely worth checking out, if not for the location of the zygomatic arch, then at least check out the great HTML work.

July 02, 1999

Skeletal System This site has a clickable map that will tell you the names of various bones. To get to the zygomatic arch, click on the skull. This will bring up a clickable map of the skull. As you move the mouse over the picture the names of the bones will pop-up.

ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS Pg. #2 Has a picture that shows the position of the zygomatic bone

HUMAN BONES Contains a price list for various human bones (I kid you not!)

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