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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for January 1999

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mang2 yin1
busy signal

mang2 - 1. busy; short of time 2. hurried; in haste
yin1 - sound; voice

This is the sound you may hear many times when you dial in through a modem to your favorite ISP!

Enough said!!

January 1, 1998


shi1 ruan3 de5

shi1 - 1. damp; moist; wet; humid; to get wet
ruan3 - soft; pliable; tender; glutinous; plastic
de5 - adjectival particle

One of those highly descriptive adjectives which almost sounds like what it means! This word can be used to describe things like mud, rotten fruit, Silly Putty and other things that are wet and soft or give an impression of being wet and soft.
I think that lava lamps have an air of squishiness.

Enough said!!

January 2, 1998

The Lava Lamp

A Mathematica animation


duo1 zhong3 yong4 tu2

duo1 - much; many
zhong3 - kind; sort

yong4 - use
tu2 - way; road
yong4tu2 - purpose; use

This is a simple, useful word which demonstrates one way of rendering the English prefix "multi-" into Chinese.

January 15, 1998

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