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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day Page


hai4 ke4


hai4 - to terrify; frighten; startle; amaze
ke4 - guest; stranger; alien; foreigner

You've got to admit that this neologism in Chinese makes an interesting word. The choice of characters hai4ke4 makes a phonetic equivalent for the word "hacker" and the characters themselves are somewhat descriptive of a "hacker" as a "terrifying guest" who sometimes intrudes where he/she does not belong in cyberspace. (Not the only definition of hacker - see links at the right.)

December 21, 1997

Telecode's Hackers Catalog "The Hacker's Complete Resource Center"

Hacker definition at What?Is check here for more benign definitions of "hacker".

jie2 wen1 qi4

thermostat (auto)

jie2 - regulate; control (in this word)
wen1 - temperature
qi4 - device; implement

This is one of those parts on a car that you never think about until suddenly the temperature gauge starts to show that your car is starting to overheat and you're out in the middle of nowhere.

December 20, 1997

Understanding Your Car


qiu2 yu2


qiu2yu2 - armadillo

These two characters probably appear only in this word.

December 19, 1997

Armadillo Links


bao3 ling2 qiu2 chang3

bowling alley

bao3ling2 - used for the phonetic equivalent of "bowling" (literally these characters would mean something like "preserve age" which is something to think about!!)
qiu2 - ball
chang3 - a place (where something is happening)

When I was a teenager (a long time ago), I used to hang out at the bowling alley in Rio Grande, NJ. Later on they turned it into a social services building (preserve age????)
That reminds me, does anyone know how to say "pinball machine" in Chinese. I'm still looking for that one.

December 18, 1997

Complete Bowling Links


xian1 nu3 zuo4 da4 yin2 he2

Andromeda galaxy


xian1 - immortal; celestial being
nu3 - woman
zuo4 - constellation (in this case)
da4 - large; great
yin2he2 - (literally silver river) galaxy

December 17, 1997


Check it out in Chinese!!!

kuo4 yu2


kuo4 - used in the word for slug
yu2 - used in the word for slug

Yes, this is your garden-variety slug, the snail without a shell that leaves shiny, sticky tracks as it meanders about looking for food.

File these characters under the heading: Not Encountered Very Often!

December 16, 1997

The Official Pacific Northwest Slug Page
Slug Photos
Slug Jokes
Slug Gifts
Slug Cartoons
and more!!! Check it out.

bao2 ye4 zhi3

tissue paper

bao2 - thin
ye4 - page; leaf
zhi3 - paper

December 15, 1997

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