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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day Page


      you2 ju4

      chain saw

      you2 - in this case is equivalent to "gas(-powered)"
      ju4 - a saw

      November 30, 1997


      xin1 ji1 geng3 se4

      myocardial infarction

      xin1 - heart
      ji1 - muscle
      geng3 - to block; blockage
      se4 - to block

      November 29, 1997


      fu2 zhi1

      stolon; runner

      Another word for stolon is
      m˲ - "creeping stem" (pu2fu2jing1)

      This word refers to a type of plant propagation where the plant
      sends out a runner (or stolon) that forms new plants at nodes.
      Strawberry plants do this kind of thing.
      fu2 - to creep or crawl
      zhi1 - a branch

      November 28, 1997

      a grass stolon

      che1 qu2

      tridacna; giant clam

      che1qu2 - tridacna; giant clam

      You probably won't see either of these two characters used in any other word.
      They are used, probably exclusively, for this word.

      November 27, 1997

      Tridacna maxima

      yun2 xiao1 fei1 che1

      roller coaster

      yun2 - clouds
      xiao1 - the skies
      fei1che1 - flying car

      November 26, 1997

      click pic for
      Roller Coaster Enthusiasts

      quan2 qiu2 ding4 wei4 xi4 tong3

      Global Positioning System (GPS)

      quan2qiu2 - whole earth; global
      ding4wei4 - fixed position
      xi4tong3 - system

      xun4 zhuang4 yun2

      mushroom cloud

      xun4 - mushroom
      zhuang4 - shaped
      yun2 - cloud

      November 24, 1997

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