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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for Week of 03-16-98

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¤j¸}Ă~ - da4 jiao3 shou4

Bigfoot; Sasquatch

da4 - big; large
jiao3 - leg; foot
shou4 - animal; beast

Does Bigfoot exist?? I really don't know. But I do know from reading that there are reports from all over the world that give us a hint that such a creature may in fact exist. From the Yeti of the Himalayas to the Sasquatch of northwestern United States sightings trickle in from time to time.

I found this word on the Chinese site listed at the right.

March 22, 1998

寰 宇 搜 奇
這裏蒐集生命科學、命理哲學、先史文明、怪異現象 、世界奇觀、社會趣聞等資訊,並陸續整理增加內容。

A wildlife biologist looks at the continent’s most misunderstood large mammal

¼̀¸£¤Y - zhang1 nao3 wan2

camphor ball; moth ball

zhang - camphor tree
nao3 - brain
wan2 - pellet; small ball; pill

Camphor tree - brain pill
Okay, you got me. I don't fully understand this word and its etymology. If anyone out there does, send e-mail and let me know and I'll post the answer.

I can tell you that the camphor tree is an Asian evergreen related to the cinnamon tree. The first link at the right has a picture of a big camphor tree in Japan.

March 20, 1998

The big camphor tree of Dan Walk up from Yasuyori-Shrine in Moritou of kamojima Town,and you can see the big camphor tree of Dan. It is appointed natural monument of prefecture.And it is said that this tree is over nine hundred years old.

CAMPHOR Brief info about camphor

Camphor Chemistry of camphor

«Ơªù±đªư - you1 men2 geng3 zu3

pyloric stenosis

you1 - hidden; secret; dark; gloomy; obscure
men2 - gate
you1men2 - pylorus
geng3 - to block; obstruct
zu3 - to hinder; obstruct
geng3zu3 - to block; obstruct; [med] obstruction

The pylorus is the opening from the stomach into the intestine.

Stenosis is a narrowing or constriction of the diameter of a bodily passage or orifice.

March 19, 1998

Pyloric Stenosis
Some info

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