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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for Week of 02-09-98

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ma3 la1 song1


ma3 - horse
la1 - to pull; drag
song1 - pine tree
The Chinese word for "marathon",
ԪQ or
ԪQɶ] (marathon race), is phonetic. The individual characters are used for their sound and not their meaning. But it is interesting to note that the word could be interpreted "horse pulling pine tree". During the years between 1976 and 1992, I ran about 150 marathons in different places in the United States (and Bermuda and Montreal, Quebec) and at times during some of those marathons, I felt something like a horse pulling a pine tree!!!! My PR was 2h 47m 05s in Philadelphia in 1985.

The distance of a marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards. Some are run on flat courses and some on hilly. Then there's the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado. I just happen to have a picture on the net of me running that one up above the tree line on my way to 14,110 feet.

This word is also used for the word Marathon as a place name. One of my favorite places is the Florida keys, one of which is called Marathon Key. Check out the cool link to the right. I like the music file attached to the page.

February 15, 1998

Me running(?) the Pikes Peak Marathon in 1990

Boston Marathon

Florida Keys
incl. Marathon Key

lie4 bao4


lie4 - to hunt; chase; hunting
bao4 - leopard; panther; wild cat
The cheetah is not only an extraordinarily beautiful member of the feline family, but is reputed to be the fastest land-dwelling mammal.

Without my rambling on and on, check out the links to the right for info and pix.

February 14, 1998

Cheetah Systems info about their namesake
A very nice web page with info about the cheetah

Nature-Wildlife Cheetah Page
More great pix and info

PBS has a nice page dedicated to the cheetah

san1 jian1 ban4 xia2 zhai3

tricuspid stenosis

san1 - three
jian1 - point
ban4 - valve
san1jian1ban4 - tricuspid valve (in the heart)
zha2 - narrow
zhai3 - narrow
zha2zhai3 - narrowing; stenosis [med]

tricuspid valve - a valve of three flaps that prevents reflux of blood from the right ventricle to the right atrium (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

stenosis is the narrowing or constriction of the diameter of a bodily passage or orifice (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

February 13, 1998


fen2 shu3


fen2 - zokor
shu3 - mouse; rat; rodent
Actually, I had never heard of a zokor until I found this word a few months ago. In fact, I couldn't find it in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (my dictionary of choice.)
So I fired up the various search engines and found "Myospalax myospalax - Siberian zokor - C Asia ".
I tried searching a Chinese seach engine( KIMO ) pasting in the characters
ﴹ which came back with 0 matches.

If anyone reading this has info on a little rodent called a zokor ( or Myospalax) send me an e-mail and I'll update this item.

February 12, 1998


cui1 mian2 qu3


cui1 - to hasten; urge; press
mian2 - to sleep
qu3 - a piece of music
Common to all cultures in the world are soft, gentle songs that mothers sing to their babies to get them to sleep. In a few cases the songs or tunes have been reworked into great music as in the case of Brahms' Lullaby.
As the Chinese word indicates, lullabies or cradlesongs, are music to hasten sleep.

February 11, 1998

Brahms' Lullaby
The Words

hu2 luo2 bo5 su4


hu2luo2bo5 - carrot
su4 - basic element; element

carotene - any of several orange or red crystalline hydrocarbon pigments that occur in the chromoplasts of plants and in the fatty tissues of plant-eating animals and are convertible to vitamin A. (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

February 10, 1998

Ask the Dietitian - Joanne Larsen MS RD LD
Info about Vitamin A and carotene

Molecular Expressions World Wide Web home page
See what beta-carotene looks like under the microscope - also check out the link to their home page - very interesting stuff!!!

su4 tiao2 guan3


su4 - fast, rapid; speed, velocity
tiao2 - mix; adjust; tune
guan3 - tube; pipe

klystron - an electron tube in which bunching of electrons is produced by electric fields and which is used for the generation and amplification of ultrahigh frequency current. (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

February 9, 1998

The Cluster Klystron Project of the CENTER for ACCELERATOR PHYSICS
Check out the Cluster Klystron Project

Tube History - Related Links
Links to sites with information about the ENIAC, the Edison effect, diode, triode, tetrode, magnetron, and klystron tubes

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