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This is the text of an email that we sent
to all JSSF entrants for whom we had valid
email addresses Sunday March 3, 2002.

I am putting it on the
website for the benefit of those we weren't
able to reach via email.

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It has come to our attention that the requirements for forms and paperwork required by Belhaven do not match the requirements of the International Science Fair (ISEF) to which the Jersey Shore Science Fair adheres.

Even though you have submitted an application through the website and the required abstracts and are entered in our database as participants next Saturday, we still need the following paperwork:

form1, form 1A, form 1B and if any animals or pets or little brothers or sisters are involved in your project - form 1C

We have links to these forms on the JSSF Science Fair website at

The forms may be downloaded, printed, completed and mailed or forwarded to Cathy Jaggard immediately [call Cathy Jaggard at 485-6063 during the day for fax instructions].

Unfortunately not everyone at Belhaven supplied an email address, so please spread the word to anyone you know who is participating that these forms need to be sent in.

Thank you and Good Luck!!!!

Cathy and Ed Jaggard

We have an abstract for a Team Project for:
Mike Kane
Robby Hyberg
Sean Hyberg
but received no applications for these 3 students.
Please contact either Ed Jaggard or Cathy Jaggard as soon as possible for directions on submitting your applications so that we can add you to our database!!! (email addresses on JSSF Home Page)
Thanks, Ed Jaggard