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Final Entrants for Jersey Shore Science Fair 2001

Category 11 - MIC


Updated Thursday March 1, 2001

J MIC 01RaskinAlexandraManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Plants Make Anti-Microbial Compounds on Their Surfaces That Protect Them From Bacteria?
J MIC 02MaloyJohnCrest Memorial School
Is Technology Making You Sick?
J MIC 03MichaelDeannaManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
How Do Different Temperature Conditions Affect The Growth of Mold On Whole-Wheat Bread?
J MIC 04HandKennyCrest Memorial School
Fleming Was Right All Along
J MIC 05PalmerSamanthaCrest Memorial School
Fungi or Not
J MIC 06Von HessKristinaWilliam Davies Middle School
Anti-Bac Attack
J MIC 07FreundColleenIntermediate West
What Household Area Has the Most Bacteria?
J MIC 08DoughertyChristineGalloway Township Middle School
Is there a difference in mold samples taken from air filters in various parts of the school?
J MIC 09PatelSheradGalloway Township Middle School
Can bacteria be detected on school textbooks?
J MIC 10ColeAlysiaToms River Intermediate East
Household cleaners: Are your cutting boards safe?
J MIC 11StollStephanieToms River Intermediate East
What substance removes stains off of bones and teeth the most efficiently?
J MIC 12WelshSamanthaWilliam Davies Middle School
Hand Sanitizers at Work!
J MIC 13ThompsonCourtneyIntermediate West
How Does pH Affect the Cell Structure of Selected Microbes?
J MIC 14ForteJennaToms River Intermediate West
Which Soap Will Clean Bacteria off your Hands the Best?

I MIC 01KleczkoEmilyHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Dog Saliva on the Growth of Yeast
I MIC 02NguyenAlexLacey Township High School
the affects of sugar concentration on yeast