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Final Entrants for Jersey Shore Science Fair 2001

Category 10 - MED

Medicine and Health

Updated Thursday March 1, 2001

J MED 01CellettiChrisManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which One Of The Three Drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Water) Helps One Best Run One Hundred Meters?
J MED 02SmurroGinaManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Age Affect the Speed of Reflexes?
J MED 03CardwellMelindaMiddle Township Middle School
Cancer Research
J MED 04LewisBrandiMiddle Township Middle School
Which is Healthier Meat or Vegetables?
J MED 05ZaloomScottManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Working the Night Shift Affect Weight Gain?
J MED 06ZaharakisMariaManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Do The Different Levels People Have Acieved In Karate Have An Effect On Their Heartrate
J MED 07McCoskerKathleenCrest Memorial School
What Toothpaste Are You Using?
J MED 08AlvaradoAlexaCrest Memorial School
Magic Eye
J MED 09PapaspanosJohnCrest Memorial School
Searching for the Best Sunblock Lotion
J MED 10JackmanAmyToms River Intermediate East
How does type of music affect stress as measured by blood pressure and pulse?
J MED 11VergaBrittanyToms River Intermediate East
Which types of people have the best lung capacity?
J MED 12ReedColbyWilliam Davies Middle School
Is milk good for your teeth?
J MED 13ThomasStaceyToms River Intermediate East
Is your blood pressure affected by the time of day?
J MED 14DuffeThomasToms River Intermediate West
How Does Riding a Roller Coaster Affect Heart Rate?
J MED 15RadaSamanthaSmithville Elementary School
J MED 16KirnerSamanthaSmithville Elementary School
Keep Your Balance!
J MED 17ParkJosephIntermediate West
How Are the Senses of Taste and Smell Related?
J MED 18CicarelliMarisaArthur Rann Elementary School
Does Petting a Dog Affect Your Pulse Rate?
J MED 19LinAliceArthur Rann Elementary School
Who Has the Most Lung Capacity: Athletes vs. Couch Potatoes?
J MED 20SantoroBrittanyArthur Rann Elementary School
Which Affects the Quality of Your Eyesight? A. Heredity B. Eye Color
J MED 21StarkKimArthur Rann Elementary School
How Many Kids Have Exercise Induced Asthma and Don't Know It?
J MED 22DornanLindsayArthur Rann Elementary School
Does Leg Length Affect Speed?
J MED 23GawlikAshleyIntermediate West
Does Your Interest In A Video Game Affect Your Heart Rate?
J MED 24RitterKyleBelhaven Avenue School
What Substance Best Protects Teeth from Decalcification and Decay
J MED 25WalleyChristinaBelhaven Avenue School
Does Exercise Effect Lung Capacity?
J MED 26FliminSashaSmithville Elementary School
Listen to Music for the Health of It
J MED 27SudolMarissaSmithville Elementary School
Listen to Music for the Health of It
J MED 28LevinsonSarahBelhaven Avenue School
Does Exercise Affect Lung Capacity?

I MED 01RussJenniferMiddle Township High School
Mind Reading Magnets?
I MED 02AllisonTimMiddle Township High School
What Pain Reliever is Easiest on Your Stomach
I MED 03JohnsonNicoleThe Pilgrim Academy
Foods and Monosaccharide Content

U MED 01BukowskiAlyssaMiddle Township High School
Name Brand vs. Generic
U MED 02PatelKajalMiddle Township High School
The Effect of Exercise on the Cardiovascular System in various age groups