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Final Entrants for Jersey Shore Science Fair 2001

Category 07 - ENG


Updated Thursday March 1, 2001

J ENG 01ZainoTerrenceManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Comparison Study of Rocket Nose Cones
J ENG 02PinnelasRachelManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Can A Rudimentary Solar Panel Maximize The Effect Of Solar Energy?
J ENG 03DeckerShannonMiddle Township Middle School
Architechual Differences of Yesterday and Today
J ENG 04SeeryMaryManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Will the reception be affected if the antenna length is changed on a crystal radio?
J ENG 05PerkaAlexanderCrest Memorial School
Liquid Liftoff
J ENG 06SkrabonjaGregoryCrest Memorial School
Which Factor Has the Greatest Effect on a Rocket's Flight?
J ENG 07SkrabonjaKirstenCrest Memorial School
Fragile - Handle With Care!
J ENG 08RichterCodyRichter Homeschool
Alternative Energy: Which would work best in NJ
J ENG 09CiechanowskiLisaBrigantine North Middle School
J ENG 10BudesaMichealIntermediate West
Which Material Absorbs the Shock of an Impact Best?
J ENG 11HeilmanScottToms River Intermediate East
Which Hull shape holds the greatest load capacity?
J ENG 12MarinoDavidToms River Intermediate East
How will wind affect my suspension bridge?
J ENG 13DworjanAlexanderToms River Intermediate East
What is the most effective ramp design?
J ENG 14ReillyKeithGalloway Township Middle School
Constructing a Static Generator
J ENG 15HunterJamesWilliam Davies Middle School
Hydroelectricity:A better source of energy
J ENG 16MonteithJessicaWilliam Davies Middle School
Battle of the Bridges
J ENG 17PalermoErinWilliam Davies Middle School
For your home
J ENG 18HoglanderKarlToms River Intermediate East
How does the shape of a sailboats hull affect its performance?
J ENG 19WilbertEvanToms River Intermediate West
Can Magnets Be Used To Create A Perpetual Motion Machine?
J ENG 20MayerDanielSmithville Elementary School
Swift Scooter
J ENG 21SierraWilliArthur Rann Elementary School
Which Rockets Fly Better?
J ENG 22CalafutMarkManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Building Design Resists Wind The Best?
J ENG 23ShankerReenaSmithville Elementary School
A Flash of Light
J ENG 24WolfTylerAvalon Elementary School
SOS Save Our Ship
J ENG 25SmithVanessaRoland Rogers Elementary School
What Battery Lasts the Longest?
J ENG 26BuiAlexRoland Rogers Elementary School
The Brightest Lightbulb.
J ENG 27TaylorAnthonyRoland Rogers Elementary School
The Brightest Lightbulb
J ENG 28CorradettiKristinBelhaven Avenue School
cooking With Solar Energy: Is It Possible?
J ENG 29MillerJennaBelhaven Avenue School
Cooking With Solar Energy: Is It Possible?
J ENG 30BlouchPaulThe Pilgrim Academy
Can Hull Shape Efficiency Be Determined By Scale Models?
J ENG 31WilsonMarkBelhaven Avenue School
Does size and shape
J ENG 32WolcottRyanThe Pilgrim Academy
Construction of Small Bridges

I ENG 01SreedharSuhasHigh Technology High School
Effect of Household Liquids on the Usability of CD-ROMs
I ENG 02GallimoreEricHigh Technology High School
Foliage as Antennae

U ENG 01SchoenleberAndrewMiddle Township High School
Sound Absorbers
U ENG 02MossbrookVictoriaMiddle Township High School
U ENG 03SmithMichaelMiddle Township High School
Wet and Dry Batteries
U ENG 04BlouchDrewThe Pilgrim Academy
Catalyst Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel from Borohydride Water Feedstock