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Congratulations to all Participants and Award Winners

*** Jersey Shore Science Fair 2001 ***

Awards Listing

Saturday March 10, 2001 at Stockton State College

Special Thanks to all the Parents, Judges and Volunteers for helping to make this year's Fair Successful !!!!


All 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners
Are Eligible to apply to the
Delaware Valley Science Fair
Being held April 11, 2001 at the Fort Washington Expo Center.
Contact your teachers for additional information, or
have your teacher contact the Jersey Shore Science Fair Director !

The Awards Winners

Intermediate - Biochemistry

1Lindsay YarnoldLacey Township High School
How Caffeine Affects Drosophila

Intermediate - Botany

1Peggy HarnosLacey Township High School
Do Different Photoperiods Affect The Growth Of Grass
2Serena ReznyHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Seeding Densities on Growth of Grass
3Jesse GoodallHigh Technology High School
HAmanda M-CalimerThe Pilgrim Academy
Deep Space Tomatoes Seeds and Growth

Intermediate - Behavioral and Social Science

1Serenus HuaHigh Technology High School
Effect of Musical Training on the Accuracy of Human Perception of Acoustic Pitches

Intermediate - Chemistry

1Abigail HuangHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Bugspray on the Burning Time of T-Shirt Material
2Lauren MercerThe Pilgrim Academy
Iron Oxidation in the Presence of Other Metals
3Marianne ForsheeLacey Township High School
How temperature effects the frequency of Chemical Oscillations
HAmy NeffMiddle Township High School
What Are The Effects Of Different Substances On Tarnished Copper?
HLisa BeirnLacey Township High School
Which Flowers Produce the Best Perfume?
HJennifer SchmidtThe Pilgrim Academy
Which Fabrics Are Less Affected By Chlorine

Intermediate - Computers

1Kevin ConnellLacey Township High School
The Effects of Saltwater on Metals in a Marine Environment

Intermediate - Engineering

1Eric GallimoreHigh Technology High School
Foliage as Antennae
2Suhas SreedharHigh Technology High School
Effect of Household Liquids on the Usability of CD-ROMs

Intermediate - Environmental Science

1Annie ChatenkaLacey Township High School
How does light
2Allyson Mc KayLacey Township High School
Is organic fertilizer really better than chemical fertilizer?
3Brad HughesLacey Township High School
The effect of colored light on plant growth?
HJoseph FernandesLacey Township High School
Air Pollution And Its Affects on our health

Intermediate - Earth and Space Science

1Tom KraemerMiddle Township High School
Wave Prediction Based on El Nino
2Michael KeenLacey Township High School
Why is Water Filtration so Important and How Does it Work

Intermediate - Mathematics

1Pamela KornblattHigh Technology High School
The Difference Between The Performance of Males and Females on Math Standardized Tests

Intermediate - Medicine and Health

1Jennifer RussMiddle Township High School
Mind Reading Magnets?
2Nicole JohnsonThe Pilgrim Academy
Foods and Monosaccharide Content

Intermediate - Microbiology

1Alex NguyenLacey Township High School
the affects of sugar concentration on yeast
2Emily KleczkoHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Dog Saliva on the Growth of Yeast

Intermediate - Physics

1Mariya KhandrosHigh Technology High School
2jayme ranalliMiddle Township High School

Intermediate - Zoology

1Danielle StrolloHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Sound on the Regeneration of Lumbriculus variegatus
2Ryan HillHigh Technology High School
The Effect of Ultrasound on Tribolium Beatles
3Doris LuuThe Pilgrim Academy
Vibrations and Insect Work Rate Activity

Junior - Biochemistry

1Kyle GertnerIntermediate West
How Does the Fat Content in Foods Affect the Absorption of Carbohydrates into the Bloodstream?
2Ryan KasyanToms River Intermediate East
What beverage stains teeth the most?
3Alex PortToms River Intermediate West
Which Water Soluble Vitamin Is Most Effective As An Antioxidant?
HStephanie NgManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does the Temperature of the Kernels Affect the Outcome of Popcorn?
HChristopher MoserIntermediate West
Which of the Over- the- Counter Antacids Affects the Breakdown of Acids the Best?

Junior - Botany

1Morgan HaleToms River Intermediate East
Do Vitamins
2Amanda DippoldToms River Intermediate East
Does water type affect plant growth?
3Corey SilversteinManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which soil blend is the best for growing mung beans?
3Nicole PepperArthur Rann Elementary School
Solar Cells
HBradley BerneManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What grows better
HSteve LabudzinskiManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What is the effect of different colored lights on plants?
HStephanie AugelloManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What Will Be The Effect Of Gibberellic Acid And Cytokines On The Growth Of PLants?
HPriyanka KasbekarManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Method Of Asexual Reproduction Grows The Tallest Plants
HNisha VaradarajanManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Will A Seed Germinate If A Part Of It Is Cut Off?
HAngela KilManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Colored Light Affect How Tall a Green Bean Plant Can Grow?
HPatrick RohrmanCrest Memorial School
The Plant Problem
HAlice ChiuWilliam Davies Middle School
Colorful Chlorophyll?
HPaul LeeArthur Rann Elementary School
Essential Sprouts Produced
HKira DaughertyRoland Rogers Elementary School
In Wich Substance Does Grass Grow Best?

Junior - Behavioral and Social Science

1Kathryn GalbraithManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Context Affect the Amount of Information Retained Presented Through Each of the Senses?
2Carly ProperManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
To What Extent Does Visual Impairment Affect Peripheral Vision?
3Chelsea ReyesArthur Rann Elementary School
Feet for Thought
HStephen FergusonGalloway Township Middle School
Do ZZZ's =A's: Is there a correlation between grades and hours of sleep.
HAlex HinkleIntermediate West
Does Sight Affect Taste?
HWilliam MellorRoland Rogers Elementary School
Do Kids Who Play Video Games Have Faster Reactions Than Kids Who Don't?

Junior - Chemistry

1Sofia MachadoManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Age Affect the Concentration of Ascorbic Acid in Different Juices?
2Andrew Van BochoveIntermediate West
What Colored Dyes Are Found in Powdered Drink Mix and Colored Marking Pens?
3Nicole ZenakArthur Rann Elementary School
The Effects of Water on Wood
HLauren HercManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What Commercial Or Home Remedy Best Removes Carpet Stains?
HJesse EisemannManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Recycled Materials are the Most Absorbent?
HMeghal KhokhaniManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What Brand of soap is the most cost effective?
HKevin BrodwaterToms River Intermediate East
Do Low-Fat foods or regular foods have more sugar?
HRyan KohlArthur Rann Elementary School
Class "A" Foam vs. Water as a Fire Suppressant
HLauren WilliamsRoland Rogers Elementary School
You Choose

Junior - Computers

1Bruce TuManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Are Board or Computer Games More Effective?
2Nikki KohlerToms River Intermediate East
Will Cache memory affect the speed of a computer?
3Michael BonelliToms River Intermediate East
Which computer mouse is most comfortable?
HJamie StiglianoToms River Intermediate East
High speed Internet access: Fact or Fiction?

Junior - Engineering

1Kirsten SkrabonjaCrest Memorial School
Fragile - Handle With Care!
2Michael WolfeBelhaven Avenue School
A Bridge Too Far
3Mary SeeryManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Will the reception be affected if the antenna length is changed on a crystal radio?
HTerrence ZainoManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Comparison Study of Rocket Nose Cones
HRachel PinnelasManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Can A Rudimentary Solar Panel Maximize The Effect Of Solar Energy?
HAlexander PerkaCrest Memorial School
Liquid Liftoff
HCody RichterRichter Homeschool
Alternative Energy: Which would work best in NJ
HDavid MarinoToms River Intermediate East
How will wind affect my suspension bridge?
HKeith ReillyGalloway Township Middle School
Constructing a Static Generator
HErin PalermoWilliam Davies Middle School
For your home
HEvan WilbertToms River Intermediate West
Can Magnets Be Used To Create A Perpetual Motion Machine?
HDaniel MayerSmithville Elementary School
Swift Scooter
HMark CalafutManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Building Design Resists Wind The Best?
HPaul BlouchThe Pilgrim Academy
Can Hull Shape Efficiency Be Determined By Scale Models?

Junior - Environmental Science

1Kraftin SchreyerBelhaven Avenue School
Tree Rings: A Link to Global Warming
2Lindsay CannonManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
How much air pollution is there in ten places in Manalapan?
3Michael DeRosaManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What is the water quality of lakes and rivers found in Manlapan
HSonya PatelManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Monmouth County Lake Is Most Polluted
HJeffrey ConradManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What is the Water Quality of Five Lakes in Manalapan
HMelissa BermanManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Restaurants' "Large Fry" Container is Most Environmentally Compatible?
HCaitlin KennedyCrest Memorial School
Diamondback Terrapins and Overdevelopment
HGeoffrey CuneoToms River Intermediate West
Bioremediation: How Nature Cures Itself
HTed YoaEdward Yoa
Flea Circus
HGina KettigToms River Intermediate East
Will regular pollutants and those that are commonly found in households all seep into the aquafers if spilled on the ground?
HRobert WolffArthur Rann Elementary School
Clean Streams

Junior - Earth and Space Science

1Suzanne CevascoManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What are the Best Methods of Controlling Beach Erosion?
2Sarah GenterThe Pilgrim Academy
what Geologic Material Holds the Most Thermal Energy
3Daniel PannoneManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Is Solar Energy Feasible To Use During The Winter Months
HRavi PatelCrest Memorial School
Beach Erosion
HMolloy MichaelToms River Intermediate East
How does the color of water effect its evaporation rate?
HSergio PulidoIntermediate West
How Do Different Places on Earth Affect the Accuracy of a Sundial?
HDavid McMahonArthur Rann Elementary School
How Does Air Pressure Affect the Weather?
HSarah WehrhanArthur Rann Elementary School
Where are the Stars? Does the Amount of Moonlight Affect Your Stargazing?

Junior - Mathematics

1Kevin SweeneyIntermediate West
Can Mathematical Patterns Be Found in J.S. Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"?
2Douglas PalmerToms River Intermediate East
What type of milk has the greatest percent of water?
3Zachary AlbrechtToms River Intermediate East
Actual probability vs. theoretical probability: Do two students in one class share the same birthday?
HBrent AndersonCrest Memorial School
Can Japanese Candlestick Charting Predict the Prices of Stocks?
HLeigh HarringtonIntermediate West
Can You Beat the Odds?

Junior - Medicine and Health

1Ashley GawlikIntermediate West
Does Your Interest In A Video Game Affect Your Heart Rate?
2John PapaspanosCrest Memorial School
Searching for the Best Sunblock Lotion
3Kim StarkArthur Rann Elementary School
How Many Kids Have Exercise Induced Asthma and Don't Know It?
HChris CellettiManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which One Of The Three Drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Water) Helps One Best Run One Hundred Meters?
HGina SmurroManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Age Affect the Speed of Reflexes?
HScott ZaloomManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does Working the Night Shift Affect Weight Gain?
HMaria ZaharakisManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Do The Different Levels People Have Acieved In Karate Have An Effect On Their Heartrate
HThomas DuffeToms River Intermediate West
How Does Riding a Roller Coaster Affect Heart Rate?
HJoseph ParkIntermediate West
How Are the Senses of Taste and Smell Related?
HMarisa CicarelliArthur Rann Elementary School
Does Petting a Dog Affect Your Pulse Rate?

Junior - Microbiology

1John MaloyCrest Memorial School
Is Technology Making You Sick?
2Christine DoughertyGalloway Township Middle School
Is there a difference in mold samples taken from air filters in various parts of the school?
3Courtney ThompsonIntermediate West
How Does pH Affect the Cell Structure of Selected Microbes?
HAlexandra RaskinManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Plants Make Anti-Microbial Compounds on Their Surfaces That Protect Them From Bacteria?
HKenny HandCrest Memorial School
Fleming Was Right All Along
HSamantha WelshWilliam Davies Middle School
Hand Sanitizers at Work!

Junior - Physics

1Michael SosinskiManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
How do sound proofing materials respond to a range of frequencies?
2Robert FarruggiaManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What materials will be diamagnetic or insulators when placed in a magnetic field?
3Erica SmithToms River Intermediate East
What are the elements in different forms of light and how do they compare?
HRyan AndersonAnderson Homeschool
How High Goes the Nose?
HRobert FalkManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
What affect does the material a baseball bat is cunsructed from have on the distance a batted ball ?
HMatt Di MaggioManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Which Battery Operates a Flashlight The Longest?
HJoseph CangialosiManalapan-Englishtown Middle School
Does the number of wire turns in a wind turbine affect the amount of electricity?
HShaine JohnstoneToms River Intermediate East
Which insulation holds heat the best?
HJonathan FetzerToms River Intermediate East
Which wood burns the fastest?
HCharles BravocoWilliam Davies Middle School
Fiber Optics:Show me the light
HKrista JensenWilliam Davies Middle School
I'm a good conductor!
HJustin WeinerWilliam Davies Middle School
Delta vs. Straight
HAmber KopervosRoland Rogers Elementary School
does temperature affect the output of a battery?

Junior - Team Projects

1Steven HickeyBelhaven Avenue School
Live and Let Die
1Dustin DelaneyBelhaven Avenue School
Live and Let Die
2Sarah PalmerSmithville Elementary School
Worms Eat My Garbage
2Ali StraubSmithville Elementary School
Worms Eat My Garbage
3Mara PfefferRoland Rogers Elementary School
How Much Bacteria Is In The Water We Drink?
3Dow CarinRoland Rogers Elementary School
How much bacteria is in water or soil
HMonica RennieMiddle Township Middle School
Which has more Germs a Dog's Mouth or a Human's Mouth
HAmanda ArnoldMiddle Township Middle School
Which One had more Germs
HMarissa SudolSmithville Elementary School
Listen to Music for the Health of It
HSasha FliminSmithville Elementary School
Listen to Music for the Health of It
HCrysten WoodsenArthur Rann Elementary School
Sunlight or Colored Light?
HGina DeAngelisArthur Rann Elementary School
Sunlight or Colored Light?
HChristina DanieleSmithville Elementary School
Waste Water
HAmy EspositoSmithville Elementary School
Waste Water
HAmanda DevlinRoland Rogers Elementary School
Do Your Taste Buds Grow Weaker As You Get Older?
HCara DubitskyRoland Rogers Elementary School
Do your taste buds grow weaker as you get older?
HStephanie GerberBelhaven Avenue School
Water Quality - Municipal vs. Bottled
HStefanie DanchakBelhaven Avenue School
Water Quality
HJaimie GreenBelhaven Avenue School
Soil Science
HAmanda JonesBelhaven Avenue School
Soil Science
HSarah MarinoBelhaven Avenue School
Effects of Sleep Deprivation-Hitting the "Wall"
HRachael RayfieldBelhaven Avenue School
The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation - Hitting The "Wall"
HMitchell FlaxBelhaven Avenue School
Does Buffon's Needle Experiment Give True results?
HPeter LandsBelhaven Avenue School
Does Buffons Needle Expreiment Give True Results?
HSarah LevinsonBelhaven Avenue School
Does Exercise Affect Lung Capacity?
HChristina WalleyBelhaven Avenue School
Does Exercise Effect Lung Capacity?
HNicole CallahanBrigantine North Middle School
The differences between boy and girl short-term memory

Junior - Zoology

1Autumn PuglieseArthur Rann Elementary School
Can You Tell if Extinct or Extant Sharks are Related by Their Teeth?
2Christina JohnsonRoland Rogers Elementary School
Determining the cause of death of a woodchuck using forensic methods.
3Matthew CastelliArthur Rann Elementary School
Does a Bird's Bill Predict Its Food Preference?
HMelanie SchroerGalloway Township Middle School
At what level of concentration are clams affected by the introduction of oil in their environment?
HDebra Jo O'KaneArthur Rann Elementary School
Do Birds Eat More in Secluded Areas
HCasey HummelArthur Rann Elementary School
Sunburst: Move to the Groove
HKathryn HartmanBelhaven Avenue School
Drosphila Melanogaster - A Super Quick Metamorphosis

Upper - Botany

1Julia MelchiorreMiddle Township High School
Allelopathy: Can it be Proven?
2Justin RohrmanMiddle Township High School

Upper - Behavioral and Social Science

1Caitlin CrippsMiddle Township High School
The Mozart Effect

Upper - Chemistry

1Bruce HughesLacey Township High School
What is the most efficient substance for melting ice?
2Daniel KochMiddle Township High School
The Impact of Water Softness on Electrical Conductivity

Upper - Computers

1Greg DickinsonThe Pilgrim Academy
Web Page Transfer Speed
2Christopher MaherMiddle Township High School
The Analysis of Granular Systems Using Computer Simulations
HDevin CarberThe Pilgrim Academy
Speed and DOS Based Computer Languages

Upper - Engineering

1Drew BlouchThe Pilgrim Academy
Catalyst Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel from Borohydride Water Feedstock

Upper - Environmental Science

1Nick LambertMiddle Township High School
Water Purification
2George CurvanMiddle Township High School
Ethylene Gas on Germination

Upper - Medicine and Health

1Kajal PatelMiddle Township High School
The Effect of Exercise on the Cardiovascular System in various age groups
2Alyssa BukowskiMiddle Township High School
Name Brand vs. Generic

Upper - Physics

1Carrie ToddMiddle Township High School
What exactly is friction?

Upper - Team Projects

1Michael WrightMiddle Township High School
Solar Light Energy
1Jonathon DeVicoMiddle Township High School
Solar Light Energy