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Entrants for the Jersey Shore Science Fair 2002
March 9, 2002 at Stockton State College

Internet applications for SJSF 2002 will closed as of
5 PM EST Friday, March 1, 2002
To apply after this date and time, Please contact the Science Fair Director
cell phone number (609) 233-1037, or

Current List of Entrants in Jersey Shore Science Fair 2002

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NOTE: Check your categories. Some people who applied in categories other than Team (TMP) were changed to Team category. If your application indicated other teams members, you must compete under Team category. If you wish to compete individually, please contact us through your teacher immediately!
Final Listing of entrants by schoolname, lastname as of 10:30 PM 03-04-2002

510 SJSF 2002 Entrants Final 03/06/02 - 8:30 PM EST
461 Projects
AchimovRobertJ MED 29Toms River Intermediate West
AgbulosKimberlyJ ENV 12Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
AkeretElainaJ ZOO 13Smithville School
AkinsChelseyI BCH 01The Pilgrim Academy
AlbertsonSarahJ CHM 01The Pilgrim Academy
AlexanderClaireI BOT 01High Technology High School
AlexanderJakeJ TMP 33Belhaven Avenue School
AllenJamarJ BSS 21Brigantine North Middle School
AlonzoJoshuaJ PHY 40Toms River Intermediate East
AlvaradoAlexaJ BSS 08Crest Memorial School
AndreaAndersonJ ZOO 08Toms River Intermediate West
ArmenliaGregoryJ PHY 48Galloway Township Middle School
AwadKyrillosJ ENG 16Arthur Rann Elementary School
AxelradAndrewJ TMP 38Belhaven Avenue School
BabbinAndrewI BSS 03High Technology High School
BaileyChristineU CHM 01Middle Township High School
BaileyShaynaJ ENV 17Crest Memorial School
BalzafioreAmandaJ CHM 51Toms River Intermediate West
BannisterBrentJ CHM 34Arthur Rann Elementary School
BarberaJenniferJ TMP 09Smithville School
BarryChrissyI TMP 01Middle Township High School
BartleyChristinaJ ESS 08Toms River Intermediate West
BeaucheminAmberJ MED 16Roland Rogers Elementary School
BecherBillyJ MED 10Crest Memorial School
BeckHalinaJ MED 33William Davies Middle School
BeckleyFaithJ BSS 23Smithville School
BellamyShaneJ TMP 11Middle Township Middle School
BenignoJordanJ ZOO 05Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
BiglerEvanJ PHY 43Toms River Intermediate West
BinghamBillyJ TMP 19Smithville School
BlancoJoannaJ BOT 38Toms River Intermediate East
BlessingAdamJ BOT 34Toms River Intermediate East
BlevinJustinJ TMP 34Belhaven Avenue School
BlouchPaulJ ZOO 01The Pilgrim Academy
BlouchRebeccaI ZOO 01The Pilgrim Academy
BobeAshleyJ ENV 02The Pilgrim Academy
BohackyjAndrewJ ZOO 10Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
BondKathleenU CHM 02Lacey Township High School
BonnevilleJulieJ ZOO 22William Davies Middle School
BookerTaraJ BSS 11Arthur Rann Elementary School
BooneBrittanyJ TMP 23Roland Rogers Elementary School
BoychuckBarrettJ BCH 02Avalon Elementary School
BradfordAnaliseU CHM 04Lacey Township High School
BradyChrisJ ENG 14Middle Township Middle School
BrickmanDanielJ PHY 03Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
BriningTimothyI COM 01The Pilgrim Academy
BrownJoanalJ CHM 35Arthur Rann Elementary School
BrownKristinJ TMP 14Reeds Road Elementary School
BrownPaulU BSS 02The Pilgrim Academy
BrownRyanJ TMP 06Middle Township Middle School
BruscaStevenJ ENG 12Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
BryantTashieJ PHY 10Middle Township Middle School
BuczynskiAnnaI ENV 08Lacey Township High School
BuczynskiElaineU ENG 01Lacey Township High School
BumgarnerTravisJ TMP 19Smithville School
BurkeCaitlinJ PHY 38Arthur Rann Elementary School
BurstEthanJ ZOO 19Toms River Intermediate East
CalabreseKaylaJ MIC 15Toms River Intermediate West
CaputoKyleJ MIC 04Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
CaraballoVictorJ BOT 09Belhaven Avenue School
CarbonelloJamesJ CHM 44Toms River Intermediate West
CardoneBillyJ ENG 24Toms River Intermediate East
CarpenterJamieJ ENV 21Arthur Rann Elementary School
CarrocciaCarloJ TMP 39Belhaven Avenue School
CarusoEnricoJ COM 08Toms River Intermediate West
CawleyErinJ ENV 22Reeds Road Elementary School
CelanoAnthonyJ BSS 20Brigantine North Middle School
ChangCherylJ TMP 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ChangDeborahJ TMP 23Roland Rogers Elementary School
ChenRobinJ BOT 08Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ChirichelloAnthonyJ ESS 02Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ChirichelloDavidJ MED 02Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ChoiAmosJ TMP 24Roland Rogers Elementary School
ChoiAndrewJ TMP 18Smithville School
CiallellaAnthonyJ TMP 20Smithville School
ClearyAnnaJ TMP 16Smithville School
ClemencyBrookeJ TMP 27Reeds Road Elementary School
CoanMaryI ENV 09Lacey Township High School
CocksTysonJ COM 01The Pilgrim Academy
CoderreGregJ TMP 33Belhaven Avenue School
CohenBarrieJ PHY 26Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
CohenHaleyJ PHY 04Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ColellaKorrinaU PHY 02Middle Township Middle School
ColemanJoshuaU ENG 02Middle Township High School
CollierBrittanyI BSS 05High Technology High School
ConnellKatrinaJ MED 30Smithville School
CookLindseyJ TMP 04Belhaven Avenue School
CostanzoMattU CHM 03Lacey Township High School
CozzolinoAlexJ CHM 02Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
CranmerBrianJ CHM 36Arthur Rann Elementary School
CriscuoloJonI CHM 08Lacey Township High School
DaiDanielleJ ENV 08Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
D'AndreaDanielleJ TMP 17Smithville School
DanieleVictoriaJ MED 15Smithville School
DanielloAllisonJ CHM 22Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
DareJenniferU BSS 03Middle Township High School
DareZacharyJ PHY 42Toms River Intermediate West
DaseAnnaJ BOT 20The Pilgrim Academy
DattoloLeannaJ CHM 45William Davies Middle School
DavisBillyJ BOT 06Middle Township Middle School
DayVanJ ENV 19The Pilgrim Academy
DeanJohnI ENG 03Middle Township High School
DebrosseJesseU TMP 04Middle Township High School
DellingerKayleeJ TMP 16Smithville School
DelvalleErnestoJ PHY 47William Davies Middle School
DemmerStevenJ MAT 03Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
DempseyDevonJ CHM 46William Davies Middle School
DempseyMattJ ZOO 14Arthur Rann Elementary School
DerosaThomas J.J PHY 19Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
DeSalisAnthonyJ MED 01Avalon Elementary School
DevaulKatieI MIC 01Middle Township High School
DevlinSamanthaJ TMP 17Smithville School
DiciccoRachaelI CHM 03Middle Township High School
DickinsonGregU COM 01The Pilgrim Academy
DifrancoNickJ TMP 21Toms River Intermediate West
DinickJacquelynJ TMP 36Belhaven Avenue School
DinnebeilD.J.J MAT 08Toms River Intermediate East
DippoldAmandaJ BOT 35Toms River Intermediate East
DisciplinaFernandaJ MED 14Crest Memorial School
DispotoJillianJ BSS 22Toms River Intermediate East
DiventuraLouieJ ENG 17Arthur Rann Elementary School
DixonGinnyJ ESS 09Toms River Intermediate West
DodererDennisI ENV 02Lacey Township High School
DoonerCasieJ BOT 22The Pilgrim Academy
DoughtyDorothyJ CHM 41Mullica Township Middle School
DrackwiczAmyJ PHY 56Toms River Intermediate East
DuffeKatieJ MAT 04Toms River Intermediate West
DunkelbergerMarcI CHM 15Middle Township High School
DunleavyMelindaJ ESS 01Middle Township Middle School
EdineNicoleI BOT 05Lacey Township High School
EllisJonathanJ ZOO 09Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
EllisSeanJ PHY 29Toms River Intermediate West
EpsteinRachelJ PHY 17Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
EvangelistMattJ PHY 53William Davies Middle School
EvangelistRobynJ PHY 44William Davies Middle School
FarooquiOzerI CHM 06Middle Township High School
FauzeyHeatherI CHM 02The Pilgrim Academy
FeldmanStephanieJ BSS 04Belhaven Avenue School
FeltAdrienneI BSS 04High Technology High School
FenshamAndrewJ PHY 11Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
FergisonKellyJ BOT 26Roland Rogers Elementary School
FetterJenniferU ENG 04Lacey Township High School
FitzgeraldColleenJ ENG 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
FlamendorfJasonJ BOT 12Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
FlattJustinJ CHM 53Toms River Intermediate East
FlinnKellyJ TMP 26Roland Rogers Elementary School
FrankKristinJ BOT 07Belhaven Avenue School
FrigenChelseaJ CHM 31Smithville School
FroncekSamanthaJ ZOO 12Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
GaetanoStephenU MED 02The Pilgrim Academy
GalbraithJoshuaU TMP 01Middle Township High School
GallagherJamesJ ESS 03Belhaven Avenue School
GandhiJustinJ CHM 37Arthur Rann Elementary School
GandhiSapanaJ MED 17Arthur Rann Elementary School
GannonSeanJ MIC 18Toms River Intermediate East
GarciaGeoJ TMP 13Arthur Rann Elementary School
GarganiJesseJ BCH 05Toms River Intermediate West
GaricaZuleykaJ TMP 30Brigantine North Middle School
GaskillJillianJ TMP 01Middle Township Middle School
GenterChristinaU ENV 01The Pilgrim Academy
GenterSarahJ ENV 01The Pilgrim Academy
GerberAlyssaJ ENV 28Galloway Township Middle School
GhalyDeenaJ BSS 06Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
GioviaMicheleJ MED 09Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
GladneyBrittanyJ PHY 30Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
GraffPhilipI MAT 01High Technology High School
GrayDanielJ PHY 01Gray Homeschool
GreenJulieJ TMP 35Belhaven Avenue School
GriggsMichaelJ ENG 15Roland Rogers Elementary School
GroeberMichaelI PHY 03The Pilgrim Academy
GruberKarissaJ TMP 08Smithville School
GuagliardoDanielleJ BCH 04Toms River Intermediate East
GulliamsKirstenI ZOO 05Middle Township High School
GurdgielStevemJ ENV 03Middle Township Middle School
GwathneyJeanJ TMP 28Reeds Road Elementary School
HahnJoshU ENG 06Lacey Township High School
HaleMorganJ BOT 31Toms River Intermediate East
HandKennethJ CHM 25Crest Memorial School
HaqueTahaJ BOT 33Toms River Intermediate West
HarnosPeggyI CHM 09Lacey Township High School
HarrisChristopherI BSS 02High Technology High School
HarrisMorganI CHM 04Middle Township High School
HartRyanI ENV 03Lacey Township High School
HassmanAlisonJ CHM 16Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
HatcherChristinaJ TMP 11Middle Township Middle School
HeckerAmandaJ CHM 09Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
HessAlyssaJ BCH 06William Davies Middle School
HillerKielJ MIC 10Roland Rogers Elementary School
HimelmanMarkJ CHM 43Toms River Intermediate East
HinkleAlexJ ZOO 18Toms River Intermediate West
HoDerekI BCH 02High Technology High School
HodgensCharlesJ COM 05Port Republic Elementary School
HodnickyHeatherI MIC 03Lacey Township High School
HoldenLatoyaJ TMP 11Middle Township Middle School
HollandLaurenI BOT 02The Pilgrim Academy
HoltJacquelineJ PHY 41Toms River Intermediate East
HolzermerKyleJ MIC 13Arthur Rann Elementary School
HomKevinJ CHM 17Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
HortonJaredJ ESS 12The Pilgrim Academy
HowardAlisonJ PHY 50William Davies Middle School
HoweBrianU BSS 04Middle Township High School
HsiaoEdwardI ENV 01Lacey Township High School
HsiaoJanetI ZOO 03Lacey Township High School
HuberPaul Jr.J ENG 05Belhaven Avenue School
HughesBradI CHM 10Lacey Township High School
HuntzingerGregJ ENG 18Arthur Rann Elementary School
IannaconeMaryJ TMP 10Smithville School
IannaconeNickJ ENG 04Avalon Elementary School
ImperatriceMichelleJ MIC 11Roland Rogers Elementary School
IngberMatthewJ ENG 21Reeds Road Elementary School
InglesCaitlinJ CHM 42Toms River Intermediate East
JaarDaphneJ BSS 12Arthur Rann Elementary School
JackmanAmyJ MIC 14Toms River Intermediate East
JaskoChristinaJ MED 13Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
JelinskiKellyJ BOT 01The Pilgrim Academy
JensenKristaJ ENG 27William Davies Middle School
JimenezMeganJ CHM 08Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
JohnsonNicoleI MED 01The Pilgrim Academy
JohnstonKevinJ TMP 25Roland Rogers Elementary School
JonesKristiJ BSS 02Middle Township Middle School
JordanMeganI BOT 07Lacey Township High School
KahanRotemJ CHM 20Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KaiserTraceyJ CHM 10Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KalishJosephJ TMP 05Middle Township Middle School
KangElizabethI BOT 03High Technology High School
KarpMichaelJ ZOO 02Belhaven Avenue School
KasperSandyJ BCH 08Avalon Elementary School
KaufmanCrystalJ TMP 02Middle Township Middle School
KavanaughKristinaJ ESS 04Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KeeganJimJ TMP 12Toms River Intermediate West
KeenMichaelI MIC 02Lacey Township High School
KeenanNicoleJ ESS 05Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KennedyCaitlinJ ENV 16Crest Memorial School
KerleyJessicaJ BSS 17Brigantine North Middle School
KesselDanielleJ TMP 02Middle Township Middle School
KesselmanMeganJ PHY 57William Davies Middle School
KeunSamanthaJ BOT 04Middle Township Middle School
KingDavidI ENV 06Lacey Township High School
KingKristyI ENV 04Lacey Township High School
KleinerRuthJ MIC 02Belhaven Avenue School
KnightJoshJ BSS 09Belhaven Avenue School
KoPhyllisJ ENV 20Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KochDanU PHY 03Middle Township High School
KohlmannRussellJ ENG 11Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
KonczalKateI CHM 12Lacey Township High School
KorchKimU PHY 01The Pilgrim Academy
KoreckyDavidJ TMP 21Toms River Intermediate West
KorteNicoleJ MED 18Arthur Rann Elementary School
KozakSeanU TMP 02Middle Township High School
KralyBryanJ PHY 54William Davies Middle School
KromenackerJohnJ CHM 32Roland Rogers Elementary School
KuchKelseyJ MIC 16Toms River Intermediate East
KuharKevinJ ENG 28William Davies Middle School
LalasisElanaJ TMP 10Smithville School
LandsBrianJ TMP 39Belhaven Avenue School
LanganCourtneyJ ENV 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LatorreMatthewJ PHY 39Arthur Rann Elementary School
LaurielloJonI TMP 01Middle Township High School
LeeMaxJ ENV 25Brigantine North Middle School
LeePaulJ BOT 36Galloway Township Middle School
LeekRyanJ ENG 19Arthur Rann Elementary School
LehbergerBrookeJ MED 19Arthur Rann Elementary School
LevinsonAllisonJ CHM 11Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LewisJaimeJ TMP 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LiapisStephenJ PHY 31Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LinAliceJ BSS 25Galloway Township Middle School
LinJasonJ PHY 21Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LinRichardJ ENG 01Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
LingoEmilyJ TMP 04Belhaven Avenue School
LjubichA.J.J PHY 16Belhaven Avenue School
LokchanderKavitaJ MED 28Toms River Intermediate West
LombardoDonnieJ PHY 02Middle Township Middle School
LowensteinJustinJ ENG 06Belhaven Avenue School
LozierChristineI PHY 02Middle Township High School
LuuDorisU BSS 01The Pilgrim Academy
LysokowskyChrisJ TMP 24Roland Rogers Elementary School
MaceraChelseaU MED 01The Pilgrim Academy
MacintoshSeanJ BCH 07Toms River Intermediate East
MaffucciNicholeI CHM 07Lacey Township High School
MaffucciNicoleI CHM 13Lacey Township High School
MagroAnthonyJ BOT 29Brigantine North Middle School
MaguireCaitlinJ TMP 09Smithville School
MahoneyFrankJ PHY 32Port Republic Elementary School
MalhotraAditiJ ENV 11Arthur Rann Elementary School
MalickChrisJ TMP 32Belhaven Avenue School
MallenJonathanJ ENG 09Toms River Intermediate West
MaloyJohnJ MIC 07Crest Memorial School
MancusoNicoleJ BSS 13Arthur Rann Elementary School
MarengoGinaJ CHM 12Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
MarineRachelI ENG 01Lacey Township High School
MarinoGarrettI BSS 01High Technology High School
MaronJoeJ TMP 12Toms River Intermediate West
MarrinerTimU TMP 02Middle Township High School
MartinoMatthewU TMP 01Middle Township High School
MastroRachelJ TMP 26Roland Rogers Elementary School
Mc GonigalSeanJ TMP 18Smithville School
McAllisterCaseyJ TMP 34Belhaven Avenue School
McCarronShannonI ENG 02Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
McFaddenClaireJ ENV 06Belhaven Avenue School
McGuireThomasI MIC 04Lacey Township High School
McKayAllysonI CHM 14Lacey Township High School
McKittrickCurtisJ BOT 25Mckittrick Homeschool
McLeodSamanthaJ ZOO 20Galloway Township Middle School
McLoughlinMichaelJ ZOO 06Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
McMahonDavidJ MAT 09Galloway Township Middle School
McMahonZacharyJ BOT 21The Pilgrim Academy
McPeakLaurenJ ENV 05Belhaven Avenue School
MelchiorreAmandaI BCH 03Middle Township High School
MichelottiDanielleJ ENV 23Reeds Road Elementary School
MiloElizabethJ ZOO 17Toms River Intermediate West
MonteithJessicaJ BSS 26William Davies Middle School
MooneyJohnJ CHM 33Roland Rogers Elementary School
MooreChauntaeU ENV 04Middle Township High School
MoulderElizabethJ TMP 01Middle Township Middle School
MumolieTarynJ CHM 27Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
MunizMelissaJ BCH 03Toms River Intermediate East
MurphyAndrewJ ENV 04Belhaven Avenue School
MurrayAshleyJ ENV 14Crest Memorial School
MurtaughAmandaJ TMP 26Roland Rogers Elementary School
NaqviMurtazaJ ENV 18Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
NeffAmyU ENG 03Middle Township High School
NelsonBrittanyJ TMP 31Brigantine North Middle School
NicholsJaymieJ ENG 13Crest Memorial School
NickBujakU TMP 04Middle Township High School
NielsonJohn-MichaelJ ENG 25Toms River Intermediate West
O'BrienLindseyJ TMP 23Roland Rogers Elementary School
O'ConnellCaitlynJ PHY 37Smithville School
O'NeillCiaraJ ESS 07Crest Memorial School
OrtizMikeJ PHY 49William Davies Middle School
PaciDanielleJ TMP 08Smithville School
PalermoDanaJ CHM 54William Davies Middle School
PalermoDavidJ TMP 37Belhaven Avenue School
PalmerEricJ BOT 15Crest Memorial School
PanarielloMatthewJ COM 09Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PangEstherJ ENG 10Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PanterGregoryI PHY 01The Pilgrim Academy
PanterJosephJ TMP 13Arthur Rann Elementary School
PapaspanosGlykaJ CHM 23Crest Memorial School
PapaspanosJohnJ ESS 14Crest Memorial School
ParikhRishabhJ BSS 14Arthur Rann Elementary School
ParisiGinaI BOT 08Lacey Township High School
ParkJosephJ BOT 19Toms River Intermediate West
PaschJoshuaJ PHY 18Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PatelBedalJ CHM 38Arthur Rann Elementary School
PerilloMeganJ ESS 06Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PerkaAlexJ PHY 24Crest Memorial School
PeroneNiniJ CHM 57William Davies Middle School
PerrottaJenniferJ ESS 15Avalon Elementary School
PetrilloJohnJ MED 24The Pilgrim Academy
PettitRyanJ TMP 32Belhaven Avenue School
PfeifferPaigeJ TMP 29Reeds Road Elementary School
PierottiCarolineJ BOT 13Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PietropaoliVincentJ BOT 17Crest Memorial School
PlumpMichaelJ MIC 01Saint Joseph Grade School
PolhemusMatthewJ BOT 37Toms River Intermediate West
PolicarpoRoccoJ PHY 52William Davies Middle School
PopeKevinJ ENG 03Pope Homeschool
PorterChaseU TMP 03Middle Township High School
PowellGillianJ ZOO 21William Davies Middle School
PreziotteMathewJ ENV 10Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
PriceChelseaJ ENV 27Toms River Intermediate East
PucciJohnJ PHY 45William Davies Middle School
PyleStephanieJ PHY 55William Davies Middle School
QuillamorMyrtleJ MED 26Toms River Intermediate East
RaganSarahI ENV 07Lacey Township High School
RahmatAmnaJ BCH 01Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
RanuSamceJ TMP 25Roland Rogers Elementary School
RappAdamI BCH 04Middle Township High School
Rasko-MartinisGarrettJ ESS 11Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
RayHetalJ MED 20Arthur Rann Elementary School
ReedMichelleJ TMP 27Reeds Road Elementary School
ReginaMeaganJ ESS 10Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ReillyKatelynnJ MED 27Toms River Intermediate West
ReinishArielJ BOT 14Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ReismanBrettJ MED 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ReznikAshleyJ BSS 05Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
RheinMichaelJ BSS 24Toms River Intermediate East
RicheyStacyJ BSS 03Belhaven Avenue School
RipleyJohnJ CHM 47William Davies Middle School
RiveraEricaJ MED 21Arthur Rann Elementary School
RiveraPaulJ TMP 33Belhaven Avenue School
RoeschTylerJ BOT 28Arthur Rann Elementary School
RogersJimJ MED 11Crest Memorial School
RohmeyerDavidJ MAT 05Toms River Intermediate East
RohrmanJustinU BOT 02Middle Township High School
RohrmanPatrickJ BOT 23Crest Memorial School
RohrmanSarahJ MIC 09Crest Memorial School
RomigJoshJ TMP 05Middle Township Middle School
RorkeChristopherJ COM 07Toms River Intermediate East
RorkeDanielJ ENG 23Toms River Intermediate East
RosenCoreyJ TMP 38Belhaven Avenue School
RosenzweigJaredJ ENG 08Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
RoszkowskiAdamJ ENV 14Crest Memorial School
RothMelissaJ CHM 04Belhaven Avenue School
RozorskyJosephJ BOT 32Toms River Intermediate East
RuppertPaulJ PHY 27The Pilgrim Academy
RuppertSarahI CHM 01The Pilgrim Academy
RussJenniferU BSS 05Middle Township High School
RussoJoeJ PHY 08Middle Township Middle School
RyanLeslieJ BSS 15Arthur Rann Elementary School
RyanMichelleJ ZOO 23William Davies Middle School
SaclayanKeitheI ENV 05Middle Township High School
SalasinLisaJ BOT 16Crest Memorial School
SalvadorJoeJ ZOO 07Crest Memorial School
SalvesenJamieI CHM 05Middle Township High School
SantiagoCassandraJ CHM 52Toms River Intermediate East
SantoraDanU TMP 02Middle Township High School
SarnoAnthonyU ENV 03Lacey Township High School
SayersBrittanyJ ZOO 15Arthur Rann Elementary School
ScarpaCjJ TMP 20Smithville School
SchaefferSarahJ PHY 51William Davies Middle School
SchmidtJustinJ MAT 06Toms River Intermediate West
SchollenbergerJasonJ COM 02Belhaven Avenue School
SchreeferWilliamJ ENG 22Toms River Intermediate East
SchurrMarissaJ TMP 09Smithville School
ShafferCoreyI CHM 11Lacey Township High School
ShankleGreggJ CHM 48William Davies Middle School
SharmaRohitJ CHM 13Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ShiDavidI BOT 04High Technology High School
ShiaoKathyJ TMP 28Reeds Road Elementary School
ShinnReginaU TMP 03Middle Township High School
ShulmanSamaraJ CHM 29Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
SignorielloMalloryJ CHM 18Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
SilverJeffreyJ CHM 49William Davies Middle School
SilverbergSamanthaJ ENV 13Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
SimonCharnaJ TMP 35Belhaven Avenue School
SkrabonjaKirstenJ ENV 15Crest Memorial School
SlotterZackJ TMP 20Smithville School
SmitelliHeatherJ ENG 26Smithville School
SmithDesiraeJ TMP 14Reeds Road Elementary School
SnyderCourtneyJ TMP 29Reeds Road Elementary
SobieskiPatrickJ MAT 07Toms River Intermediate West
SpannLorenJ MED 25Toms River Intermediate East
SpeddingChristineJ PHY 07Middle Township Middle School
SpiceNicholeJ ENV 26Toms River Intermediate East
St. JohnVincentJ CHM 26Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
StantonPaulJ CHM 56Toms River Intermediate East
StarkKelseyJ MED 31Toms River Intermediate East
SternSeanI ZOO 04Lacey Township High School
StewartCaitlinJ CHM 14Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
StewartSally SueJ TMP 15Smithville School
StitelerShawnJ ZOO 11Brigantine North Middle School
StiverAnnieJ MIC 12Roland Rogers Elementary School
StopyraDonnaU ENV 02Middle Township High School
StrowEricJ CHM 15Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
StubblefieldKennyJ PHY 33Port Republic Elementary School
SuliemanMichaelJ CHM 39Arthur Rann Elementary School
SwainHeatherJ CHM 50William Davies Middle School
SwayzeDanielJ PHY 28Toms River Intermediate West
SwerdloffJessicaJ BOT 18Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
SykesCourtneyJ BSS 18Avalon Elementary School
SylvesterKathrynJ ENG 02Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
TaggartAlisonJ MED 22Arthur Rann Elementary School
TaggartChristyJ BSS 16Arthur Rann Elementary School
TaubmanJessicaJ CHM 28Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
TaylorKathrynI BSS 06Middle Township High School
ThomasElizabethJ MIC 03Belhaven Avenue School
ThomasSamanthaJ ESS 13Toms River Intermediate East
ThompsonEarickJ TMP 24Roland Rogers Elementary School
ThompsonSandraJ PHY 34Port Republic Elementary School
ToddCarrieU BOT 01Middle Township High School
ToddKristinJ TMP 03Middle Township Middle School
TolandBrittanyJ MIC 06Crest Memorial School
TolliverCorrinJ TMP 22Roland Rogers Elementary School
TomaloCraigI ZOO 06Lacey Township High School
TonerBrittanyJ BSS 10Toms River Intermediate West
TornatoreMeghanJ BSS 07Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
TuDavidJ COM 03Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
TurpenMatthewJ MIC 17Toms River Intermediate West
UrbanskiStephenJ PHY 05Middle Township Middle School
UretskyAdamJ TMP 37Belhaven Avenue School
VantriesteElizabethJ TMP 03Middle Township Middle School
VazquezRosaJ TMP 30Brigantine North Middle School
VelliTonyJ TMP 06Middle Township Middle School
VentreMelissaJ ENV 09Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
VergaBrittanyJ COM 06Toms River Intermediate East
VincintiniAmandaI ENG 04Lacey Township High School
Von HasselDanaJ CHM 55William Davies Middle School
WalcoffCaitJ CHM 07Belhaven Avenue School
WallsKayleighJ TMP 10Smithville School
WarnKristenJ PHY 20Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
WatsonKellyJ BSS 01Middle Township Middle School
WebbKristyI BOT 06Middle Township High School
WebsterBrianJ PHY 09Avalon Elementary School
WeinerJustinJ MED 32William Davies Middle School
WescoatErinnJ ZOO 16Arthur Rann Elementary School
WescottAnthonyJ BOT 02Middle Township Middle School
WhiteElaineJ PHY 22Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
WieselElyseJ TMP 36Belhaven Avenue School
WilbertEvanJ COM 04Toms River Intermediate West
WilliamsChrisU ENG 05Lacey Township High School
WilliamsChristopherU PHY 04Lacey Township High School
WimbergKatieJ TMP 15Smithville School
WingMariaJ BOT 05Middle Township Middle School
WinterEricJ PHY 25Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
WoernerKaitlynJ ENV 24Brigantine North Middle School
WongRebeccaJ CHM 21Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
WuKatherineI MAT 02High Technology High School
WymanGabrielaJ BOT 03Middle Township Middle School
YamaguchiKathleenJ ENG 20Arthur Rann Elementary School
YearicksDonaldJ PHY 06Middle Township Middle School
YinJeffreyJ MED 23Arthur Rann Elementary School
YoderToniJ TMP 31Brigantine North Middle School
YoungRobinJ PHY 46William Davies Middle School
YoungTamaraJ TMP 22Roland Rogers Elementary School
ZieglerAshleyJ MED 12Crest Memorial School
ZieglerCortneyJ CHM 40Arthur Rann Elementary School
ZielinskiKristaJ MIC 05Crest Memorial School
ZinkAndrewJ PHY 23Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School
ZipparoAndrewI ZOO 02Middle Township High School
ZipparoJeffU PHY 05Middle Township High School