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Ed Jaggard's Ancient Greek Links for the guy at ACC

Ancient Greek

Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Pages Excellent set of links

Greek and Latin Language Resources Some links to the classical languages

Shareware: Study Tools Bible software including some Greek

Intermediate Greek Study Group This page provides resources for Classical Greek self-study, including information on the online Intermediate Greek Study Group.

ANET - GREEK101 - Greek Resources Extensive list of links!!!

Say Hello in the Greek Language Mostly Modern Greek - some ancient. Good site for Modern Greek!!

Links to Ancient Greek History Nice list of Links to Ancient Greek History



Language Software

Language Software Tool Ever wanted to read a psalm in David's own language--Hebrew? Let not the language barrier stop you. Anyway, why stop at reading? Prepare your software programs in Hebrew, Greek, or coming home, in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Grantha (the ancient Indian language).....

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