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A new resource for Gaelic learners was launched last week by Brian Wilson at Sabhal Mr Ostaig in Skye - the first CD-ROM for Gaelic learners! The new resource has been produced by the Scottish Council for Educational Technology in conjunction with Cnan Ltd, producers of the Speaking Our Language course materials, and with funding from the Scottish Office, Comataidh Telebhisein Gidhlig and the European Commission.

Posted March 23, 1998

This excellent new interactive resource is based on the first five lessons in the Speaking Our Language course, and incorporates sound, video, graphics, and exercises allowing users to try out their Gaelic to use as they are going along. The presentation is lively and attractive, and the material is suitable for use in schools as well as by individual learners. The CD-ROM costs 9.95.

Further information about the CD-ROM is available at Cnan's web site, at

There is also a variety of other Gaelic-related information available at this site, which may be of interest to you, including information on learning materials.

See also the Scottish Office's Press Release about the new CD-ROM

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