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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day Page

NOTE: All links will launch a new copy of the browser!!

Don't expect ordinary, run-of-the-mill words here!!! (at least, not too many)

This site is meant to provide info for students of the Chinese language who want to go beyond the words normally encountered in the early stages of language study and discover what I consider "interesting" words. Sometimes the words represent everyday words like tissue paper or jogging track or bowling alley or surfboard, some are more technical terms like fuzzy logic or Global Positioning System. Sometimes the words just have rarely used characters. I am partial to words for various types of plants and animals, so you will find words for newt, armadillo and other assorted animals.

I've tried to provide some pictures and/or links to add to the interest. If you have any ideas about format or interesting words, please e-mail me with your suggestions. I'm toying with the idea of providing some on-line dictionary capability for areas of special interest, like a list of all the chemical elements or a page of bird names and things like that. Check back frequently as this site evolves!!!

I use gif files and Big-5. If you need software to view Chinese, Japanese or Korean, I've provided 2 files for download, and
Click here to get mview338

KIMO An easy to use Chinese Search Engine

YamWeb Navigator
All kinds of info

Chinese Character DictionarySearch by English or Chinese - fairly decent

Chinese Character Genealogy Web-Based Etymological Dictionary for Learning Chinese Characters

The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites Hundreds of links well-organized!!!

Complete World-Wide List of Chinese Publications

Some Chinese Sites

Chinese Word a Day Here is another Chinese Word A Day site

**Global Chinese Web Good links and Chinese resources

**Hyper-C - The ultimate China search tool Find it here!!!

Chinese Culture Online Library lots of stuff

China Links for HyperChina More links

China Russia News Agency News from Moscow in Chinese!!

聚寶盆Chinese Excite


碟 探 索 C.U.A UFO UFOs

Greatweb.Net links....

Discovery 頻道Chinese Discovery Channel

天文教學實驗室 Great glossary in English and Chinese!!!!!

Jimmy's Home Page in Chinese - Great links!!!!

Chinese Computer Terminology Bulletin Board Check out some of these messages for hints on translating compter terms.

Ed's Chinese Page on Geocities Links to Chinese Resources

My Main Home Page Here on Tripod