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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for June 1998

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fei1 men2

NOT gate

fei1 - not
men2 - door; gate
Here is a word from electronics and digital logic.

The word seems almost trivial once you know it, but it is a good technical term and easy to learn because it is so easy.

The NOT gate is a circuit which produces at its output the negated (inverted) version of its input logic. The circuit is also known as an inverter. If the input variable is A, the inverted output is written as A with a line above it.
The symbol for a NOT gate looks like:

June 25, 1998

Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits

Follow the link to Logic Circuits

Introductory Digital Electronics

This home-page is designed for a course in Electronics for high school Science students.


gan1 guo1 lu2

crucible furnace

gan1- used in the word for crucible
guo1 - used in the word for crucible
lu2 - stove; oven; furnace; fireplace; hearth

Here is a word from chemistry.

gan1guo1 means "crucible". The only word where you're likely to see these two characters is this one. The third character is fairly common and shows up in word combinations having to do with the meanings given above.

June 24, 1998

Combustion and Chemical Engineering PTY. LTD

Info on crucibles and furnaces


ji2 lun4

set theory

ji2 - to gather; assemble together
lun4 - theory; system of thought

Here's a math term.

What is a set? A set is a collection of objects, real or imagined. The objects themselves are called elements of the set. Moreover, we adopt rules for manipulating a single or several sets. In this way we have created an environment in which we can formally and symbolically represent anything we wish, real or imagined.
[copied from: Sets - a Casual Introduction]

June 23, 1998


There are many sites on the Web that contain material explicitly or implicitly related to set theory. This page is intended to collect as many of these sites as possible, and provide links to them.

The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics

This site provides a search engine for math terms. You can use it to get more info on sets, calculus, chaos theory, ...


sha1 qiu2

spike (in volleyball)

sha1 - to kill; to put to death; to slaughter
qiu2 - a ball; sphere; globe; anything shaped like a ball

I enjoy words like this!

What a great description of a spike in volleyball! Kill (the) ball!!!

June 22, 1998

Volleyball in China, People's Republic of

lu4 si1


lu4 - used in the word for egret
si1 - used in the word for egret

There's not too much to comment on with this word. Here are two Chinese characters that are primarily used in this one word.

The link to the right shows a picture of the type of egret that we see in Southern New Jersey.

June 19, 1998

The Assateague Naturalist

The Great Egret

hula (dance)

hu1 la1 wu3 qu3

hula skirt

hu1 la1 wu3 qun2

hula hoop

hu1 la1 quan1

hu1la1 - phonetic for "hula"
wu3qu3 - dance music
wu3 - dance
qun2 - skirt
quan1 - circle; ring

I received word today via e-mail that Tripod is increasing my web space from 15 Megs to 22 Megs. To celebrate, I'm putting up three words instead of one.

The first two, hula dance and hula skirt, are related to Hawaiian culture.

The third word, hula hoop, refers to a toy which was quite a fad in the fifties and recently made a come-back.

June 4, 1998

Mining Co. Guide to Hawaiian Culture;

Hula and more!

Steve 'Hoops' Parkes's Hula Hoop Instruction Page

Learn to Hula (hoop)!

dai4 huan1

Tasmanian devil

dai4 - bag; pouch
huan1 - badger

Most of the names of marsupials that I have found in Chinese seem to start with a character, dai4, which describes the attribute that distinguishes marsupials from other mammals, the bag or pouch or marsupium.
Here's the name of a marsupial which has earned a nasty reputation the world round.

June 3, 1998

Tasmanian Devil

A description and picture of a real "Taz"!!


dong4 hua4

animated gif

dong4 - to move
hua4 - painting; picture

Here's a word I found surfing the net!! Check out the link to the right to navigate to the spot where I found it!!
You'll find several animated gifs there including a couple with Chinese characters.

June 2, 1998


Chinese animated gifs!!

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