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Ed Jaggard's Chinese Words for Week of 03-09-98

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[t - jia1 su4 sai4

drag race

jia1 - add; increase; augment
su4 - quick; speed; speedy; prompt
jia1su4 - to accelerate
sai4 - compete; contest; contend for superiority; a race; a tournament

Think of the word "drag race" and the movie "Grease" is likely to come to mind. I tend to associate the word with The Fifties, "Happy Days" and "The Fonz", ducktails, bobby-sox and the Ed Sullivan Show. In a word - nostalgia stuff!! Just check the second link on the right to prove my point.

But actually, drag races never died out, they're as much a part of modern culture as the Spice Girls, Monica Lewinsky and El Nio. Just check the first and third links on the right.

March 9, 1998

Atco Raceway Online
Our local racetrack

Music for Drag Racing
Download Dead Man's Curve, 409, Hey Little Cobra and other songs from the Drag Racing Era

RaceAmerica - Timing Products and Development Services
Has some kool drag racing links and info

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