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List of Clubs supposed to be deleted

received in an email February 20, 2001

for what it's worth, LOL, :=)

it is in alpha sequence, but the list is huge, so i dispensed with line breaks

!!!! !@#PWGC !@#PWGCToo !Chrono Trigger! !Fantasy !kantoor! #1 #5 #6 #NAME? $TOM GREEN$ (o) (o) *%^Granby^%* *******Open Club **A.W.2K STORAGE **The simpsons** *~*Ice Hole*~* *~Jamie's Club~* *Area 51* *Dan Gable club* *Fun Stuff* *No Name* *Secert hideout* ... /*/mages friends /cgi-bin/cyberto :-) ? ?-?-? ?????????? @#$ [][][][][][][][] [][][]0[][][][] []dragonballZ ]]]]]] Palenque _ ____Rehab____ ```BarCode``` {{Pegasus}} ~ Labyrinth ~ ~!@#$ ~**Theed Palace ~*~*Party!*~*~ ~*~ThE pArTy ~*~ ~*Lyric's Note*~ ~*Social*~ ~` ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~[bond ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~MY PARADISE~~ ~Battle~Ship~ ~Cute Fantasy~ ~DBZ~ ~Enchantment~ ~Flirt~ ~Harry Potter~ ~Heavy~metal~ ~Junk Yard~ ~Meet Chrismans~ ~ShadowRun~ ~Sobe~ ~Sweet Nothings~ ~TEENZ_ONLY~ ~The Underworld~ ~U-F-O-S~ Zeppelin? <*)))>< <*The Place*> !!!NSYNC!!!