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Art Jaggard

Jaggards On The Move (JOM)

Another newpaper clipping:

(from March, 1998 JOM)

Was there a Jaggard family in old Almonesson, N.J.? According to a history of Gloucester county, N.J. the Jaggards were there before the place got its present name. It was formerly known as Lambtown, for Daniel Lamb, who started the cotton factory in 1830. The history adds:"Among the oldest male inhabitants of this vicinity are Amos Cattell and Isaac F Jaggard, each of whom has known Lambtown and Almonesson since the building of the first house in the place". At the time (1882) Jaggard was superintendent of the Sunday School of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Almonesson. He was a freeholder of the township of Deptford, 1878-79. The first record of the family in Deptford Township is dated 1735, when "William Jagord, Senor, was over Seer of ye Roads."

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