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  Projects and Project Titles for JSSF 2002

  I           BCH    1  Gone Bananas

  I           BCH    2  The Effect of Cola on the Decomposition Rates of Compost

  I           BCH    3  Bacterial Growth in Response to Herbs

  I           BCH    4  Is It Possible to Produce Mutation Bacteria

  J          BCH    1  Which Gum Flavor Lasts the Longest?

  J          BCH    2  Picky Potatoes!

  J          BCH    3  Can the Type of Tree Be Determined by the Chromatograms Made Form It's ;Eaves When

                        They Are Different Colors?

  J          BCH    4  Will Water Enter and Leave the Semi-Permeable Membrane of an Animal Cell?

  J          BCH    5  Does Bacteria Affect the Growth of Rust?

  J          BCH    6  Electric Essentials

  J          BCH    7  Which Juices Contain the Most Vitamin "C"?

  J          BCH    8  Save Your Smile!

  I           BOT    1  The Effect of Different Colored Lights on Oxygen Production of Elodea

  I           BOT    2  "Un-Earthly Garden"

  I           BOT    3  The Effect of Different Color Light on the Growth of Elodea

  I           BOT    4  The Effect of Water Ph on the Development of Wisconsin Fast Plants

  I           BOT    5  "The Effects of Chlorinated Water on the Growth and Germination of Perennial Ryegrass"

  I           BOT    6  Co Different Colors of Light Affect Plant Growth

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 1 of 26

  I           BOT    7  Which Medium is the Best for Seed Germination?

  I           BOT    8  What is the Difference between Plant Growth

  J          BOT    1  Does the Color of Light Affect the Grwth on Plants?

  J          BOT    2  What Fruits Have More Acid?

  J          BOT    3  Can a Plant Survive with Sun and No Water or the Reverse?

  J          BOT    4  How Do Vegetable Take Water from Their Roots?

  J          BOT    5  Will a Certain Color Have an Affect on the Growth of Plants?

  J          BOT    6  Will a Cucumber Seed Grow out of a Potato?

  J          BOT    7  How Water Patterns Affect Grass Health

  J          BOT    8  How Does Pollution Affect Mung Bean Germination?

  J          BOT    9  Will a Plant Grow Better in a Commercially Treated Soil

  J          BOT   12  How is the Curvature of a Bean Plant Affected by the Side of the Stem That Indoleacetic Acid

                        (Iaa) is Placed On?

  J          BOT   13  Which Will Grow Better

  J          BOT   14  What Type of Mulch Helps Mung Bean Plants Grow the Healthiest?

  J          BOT   15  Vegatative Vitality

  J          BOT   16  Ready Set Grow

  J          BOT   17  Effects of Radiation on Seeds

  J          BOT   18  Which Colored Light Will Cause Mung Bean Plants to Grow Tallest?

  J          BOT   19  Does Ph of Soil Effect Plant Growth?

  J          BOT   20  Do Microwaves in a Household Microwave Affect Plant Growth

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 2 of 26

  J          BOT   21  Will Different Additives in Water Change the Speed of a Seeds Growth

  J          BOT   22  What Types of Seeds Germinate the Fastest

  J          BOT   23  Fun with Fertilizers

  J          BOT   25  Cut to Sprout

  J          BOT   26  Do Worms Really Help Plants Grow?

  J          BOT   28  Which Produces More...Merlot or Chardonnay?

  J          BOT   29  Hydroponics Vs Soil Gardening

  J          BOT   31  How Do the Aerodynamic Properties of a Deed Effect the Propagation and Survival of the


  J          BOT   32  A Comparison of 5 Fertilizers Using Beans

  J          BOT   33  Does Ethylene Gas Affect Plant Growth?

  J          BOT   34  Will Food Coloring in the Water Fed to a Plant Effect Its Color or Growth?

  J          BOT   35  Will a Plant Overcome Any Obstacles Put is Its Way in Order to Reach Optimal Growth?

  J          BOT   36  Will Magnets Affect Plant Growth?

  J          BOT   37  Will Beta-Carotene Prevent Cancer in Plants?

  J          BOT   38  Can Sawdust Be a Factor in Preserving Fruits?

  U         BOT    1  Do Higher Concentrations of Growth Hormones Have a Greater Effect?

  U         BOT    2  Allelopathy

  I           BSS    1  The Effect of Tasks on the Perception of Elapsed Time

  I           BSS    2  Pattern Recognition Based upon Brain Hemisphere Dominance

  I           BSS    3  Effect of Colored Light on Clairvoyance

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 3 of 26

  I           BSS    4  Interpersonal Nonverbal Communicative Abilities

  I           BSS    5  The Effect of Gender on the Perception of Optical Illusions

  I           BSS    6  Lefties Vs Righties

  J          BSS    1  Does the Wrapping on a Gift Influencing People's Choice?

  J          BSS    2  Why Do We Dream?

  J          BSS    3  Are Radio Commercials Louder Than Radio Shows?

  J          BSS    4  Tobacco and the Middle-School Aged Student

  J          BSS    5  Do Subliminal Messages Work?

  J          BSS    6  Does Fatigue Affect Test-Takng Abilities?

  J          BSS    7  Which Type of Music Affects the Speed of a Runner the Most?

  J          BSS    8  Can Red Bellied Parrots Identify Color?

  J          BSS    9  What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

  J          BSS   10  Does Color Affect the Way People Think Something Tastes?

  J          BSS   11  Does Appearance Affect Taste?

  J          BSS   12  Does Color Affect Taste?

  J          BSS   13  Tricks of the Eye

  J          BSS   14  How Effective is Self-Hypnosis?

  J          BSS   15  Teacher Vs. Me

  J          BSS   16  Smile: Male or Female

  J          BSS   17  "Does Classical Music Composed by Mozart Stimulate School-Age Children?"

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 4 of 26

  J          BSS   18  Retained Memory?

  J          BSS   20  Triangle or Square?

  J          BSS   21  Triangle or Square?

  J          BSS   22  Are Dating Features the Same for Both Sexes?

  J          BSS   23  Birth Order and Personality

  J          BSS   24  Do People Remember More Detail When Viewing a 3D Photo Than a Flat Photo?

  J          BSS   25  Which Gender Can Draw the Straightest Line?

  J          BSS   26  Boys Vs. Girls the Effect of Media on Body Image

  U         BSS    1  Reward Vs. Punishment

  U         BSS    2  Sensitivity to Violence Indicated by Responses to Humor

  U         BSS    3  Is Audio or Visual Information Better Remembered?

  U         BSS    4  Colorful Attitudes

  U         BSS    5  Biofield Meter: Fact or Fiction?

  I           CHM    1  Which Household Materials Eat Which Metals the Fastest

  I           CHM    2  Which Porous Substance Supports the Best Crystal Growth from a Crystal Growing Solution?

  I           CHM    3  How Good is You Antacid?

  I           CHM    4  What Substance Melts Ice Best

  I           CHM    5  The Better Buy

  I           CHM    6  Testing Acidity

  I           CHM    7  Crystals

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 5 of 26

  I           CHM    8  How Does Temperature Affect the Corrosiveness of an Acid.

  I           CHM    9  Is Ph Related to Conductivity

  I           CHM  10  Analysis of Vitamin C in Fruit Drinks

  I           CHM  11  Analysis of Peroxide

  I           CHM  12  Properties of Light

  I           CHM  13  Crystals

  I           CHM  14  Do Foods Deplete Calcium?

  I           CHM  15  Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Ripening of Bananas

  J          CHM    1  What is the Acidic Content of Rainfall in Atlantic County?

  J          CHM    2  In What Ways Do Fabrics Melt or Burn?

  J          CHM    4  Which Stain Removers Work Best on Removing Stains?

  J          CHM    7  What Toothpaste Will Whiten Best for You?

  J          CHM    8  Which Paper Towel Has the Most Absorption

  J          CHM    9  Where Oh Where is Vitamin C?

  J          CHM  10  Which Glue Works Best?   a Comparison of Homemade and Commercial Glues

  J          CHM  11  What is the Effect of Shampoos on the Tensile Strength of Hair?

  J          CHM  12  "How Much Gas Can Come from the Shell of an Egg?"

  J          CHM  13  Does Salt Affect the Melting Times of Ice?

  J          CHM  14  Which Diaper Absorbs the Most Liquid in the Least Amount of Time?

  J          CHM  15  Which Salt Has the Greatest Effect on the Freezing Point of Liquids?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 6 of 26

  J          CHM  16  Which Environment Produces the Least Tarnish on Sterling Silver?

  J          CHM  17  Which Brands of Toilet Paper Are Stronger and More Absorbent Than Other Brands?

  J          CHM  18  Which Spf of Sun Block  Really  Works Better on the Skin

  J          CHM  20  Does Added Aspirin in the Water Keep Flowers as Fresh as Added Sugar?

  J          CHM  21  Can Handmade Paper Absorb as Much Water as Store-Bought Paper Towels?

  J          CHM  22  Which Brand of Paper Napkin Decomposes the Fastest?

  J          CHM  23  What Stains Clothes the Most?

  J          CHM  25  Chlorine Ion Demand

  J          CHM  26  Which Citrus Fruit Can Produce the Most Electricity Over an Extended Period of Time?

  J          CHM  27  What Brand of Red Nail Polish

  J          CHM  28  Which Brand of Whipped Cream Lasts the Longest in a Cup of Hot Chocolate

  J          CHM  29  What Kind of Fruit Peel Decomposes the Quickest?

  J          CHM  31  Which Has the Greatest Effect on a Chicken Bone

  J          CHM  32  Which Freezes Faster

  J          CHM  33  What Type of Clothing Material Burns Faster?

  J          CHM  34  What Fruit Conducts the Most Electricity?

  J          CHM  35  Which Water Works Best for a Bubble Bath?

  J          CHM  36  What Detergent Works Best on Different Fabrics?

  J          CHM  37  Which Polymer Burns the Slowest?

  J          CHM  38  Which Cloth Burns Faster?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 7 of 26

  J          CHM  39  The Effect of Different Substances on the Boiling Temperature of Water

  J          CHM  40  What is the Most Fire-Resistant Fabric?

  J          CHM  41  Mislabeled Cows

  J          CHM  42  How Much Chocolate is in a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

  J          CHM  43  Do Name Brand Paper Towels Absorb More Liquid Than Generic Towels?

  J          CHM  44  How Does Glycerin Affect the Size of Bubbles?

  J          CHM  45  Go Nuts with Energy

  J          CHM  46  The Effect of Sunlight on Printed Pictures

  J          CHM  47  The Effectiveness of Nontoxic Drain Cleaner

  J          CHM  48  Does It Pay to but a Better Camera?

  J          CHM  49  Popping Popcorn

  J          CHM  50  Fabric Flammability

  J          CHM  51  Which Liquid is Most Viscous?

  J          CHM  52  How Much Oxygen is in Our Air?

  J          CHM  53  What Brand of Popcorn Pops Most Completely?

  J          CHM  54  Do You See What I See?

  J          CHM  55  Bio - Rusting

  J          CHM  56  Are Fashions Flammable?

  J          CHM  57  Soil's Ability to Hold Moisture

  U         CHM    1  Extinguishing Reactions

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 8 of 26

  U         CHM    2  Vitamin C

  U         CHM    3  Nuclear Fission

  U         CHM    4  Bioluminescence

  I           COM    1  Program Execution Speed

  J          COM    1  Do Rotating Objects Have to Update Faster Than Translating Objects to Create the Appearance

                        Motion in Computer Animation?

  J          COM    2  Computer Programming

  J          COM    3  Which Guessing Pattern Will Achieve the Highest Sat Scores?

  J          COM    4  Does the Font Color

  J          COM    5  Computer Animation Techniques

  J          COM    6  Which Storage Media is Most Cost Effective?

  J          COM    7  A'Mazin Racin' Which Robot Will Finish First?

  J          COM    8  Which Web Design Will Be Most Effective in Keeping a Person's Attention?

  J          COM    9  Is It More Efficient to Use an Unfamiliar Computer Program or Pencil and Paper to Solve

                        Properties of Geometric Shapes?

  U         COM    1  The Development of a More Secure Client-Server Authentication System

  I           ENG    1  Creating a Vacuum

  I           ENG    2  How High and Far Can a Robot Kick a Ball?

  I           ENG    3  Solar Power

  I           ENG    4  Is It Possible to Use a Homemade Oven?

  J          ENG    1  Does the Shape Fo an Airplane Affect Airflow Over the Wings?

  J          ENG    2  How  Do Different Materials and Sizes Affect a Parachute's Fall?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 9 of 26

  J          ENG    3  Backpacking, What's Your Angle?

  J          ENG    4  How Do Outboard Motors Work?

  J          ENG    5  Which Truss Bridge Can Hold the Most Weight?

  J          ENG    6  Battle of the Batteries

  J          ENG    7  Does the Size of Gears Affect the Speed of a Robot

  J          ENG    8  What is the Best Size of a Propeller for a Wind Turbine?

  J          ENG    9  Will the Density of Liquid Lubricants Change the Amount of Friction?

  J          ENG   10  Which Tower Design Has the Most Strength?

  J          ENG   11  Which Light Intensity Lets a Solar Car Go the Greatest Distance?

  J          ENG   12  Which Insulation Keeps Heat in the Longest?

  J          ENG   13  What Flies Farther?

  J          ENG   14  Magnetism

  J          ENG   15  Which Heat Insulator Traps Heat in Food Best?

  J          ENG   16  Will Changing a Rocket's Tail Size Affect How High It Goes?

  J          ENG   17  Solar Oven

  J          ENG   18  In What Weather Does a Crystal Radio Work Best?

  J          ENG   19  How Pitch on a Propller Affects Speed

  J          ENG   20  Smile! Say Cheese!

  J          ENG   21  Model Rocket Comparison

  J          ENG   22  A Study of Aerodynamics - a Look into the Efficiency of Wings.

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 10 of 26

  J          ENG   23  A Race to the Finish - Which of Four Gear Ratio Cars Can Aopmplete a Times Race the


  J          ENG   24  Why is the First Roller Coaster Hill the Highest?

  J          ENG   25  Does the Length of the Arm of a Trebuchet Affect How Far a Projectile is Thrown?

  J          ENG   26  What Could Have Caused the World Trade Center to Collapse

  J          ENG   27  Filter Me Clean

  J          ENG   28  Aerodynamics in a Wind Tunnel

  U         ENG    1  Bridge Design

  U         ENG    2  Tidal Powered Upweller

  U         ENG    3  C Do's and C Don'Ts

  U         ENG    4  Physics of the Titanic

  U         ENG    5  Forces of Magnetic Trains

  U         ENG    6  VanDeGraff Generator

  I           ENV    1  What Are the Effects of Acid Rain on Brine Shrimp?

  I           ENV    2  The Effects of Red Blue and White Light on Maigolds

  I           ENV    3  Can the Nitrogen Excreted by Fish in a Closed Environment Be Converted to Nitrates and Used

                         as a Fertilizer Source for Plant Growth?

  I           ENV    4  What Are the Affects of Eutrophication on Ph and Dissolved Oxygen?

  I           ENV    5  How Do Different Factors Affect the Ph Pf Soil

  I           ENV    6  Lightning

  I           ENV    7  Amount and Type of Garbage Found on the Beach

  I           ENV    8  Sand Dunes

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 11 of 26

  I           ENV    9  Cloud Seeding

  J          ENV    1  Which Filamentous Algae Can Recycle Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen Most Efficiently

  J          ENV    2  The Effects of Common Garden Products on Worms

  J          ENV    3  What Causes Water Pollution

  J          ENV    4  Household Paper Recycling

  J          ENV    5  How Does Salinity Change Within the Great Egg Harbor Estuary?

  J          ENV    6  Burn on Soil

  J          ENV    7  Which Type of Water is Most Contaminated?

  J          ENV    8  What is the Best Method of Purifying Lake Water?

  J          ENV    9  How Does Pollution Effect Air Quality?

  J          ENV    14  Dueling Towels

  J          ENV   10  The Most Effective Way of Absorbing Oil

  J          ENV   11  Can Stream Insects Live in High Polluted Water?

  J          ENV   12  What is the Water Quality of Three Lakes in Manalapan and Freehold

  J          ENV   13  What is the Tap Water Quality of Seven Different Sources in Monmouth County?

  J          ENV   14  Which Substance Most Effectively Corrodes a Penny?

  J          ENV   15  How Much Trash Does an Average Family Contribute to Our Landfills?

  J          ENV   16  Overdevelopment and the Hazards It Creates for the Diamond Back Terrapin

  J          ENV   17  Day and Night Showers

  J          ENV   18  How Clean is Our Water?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 12 of 26

  J          ENV   19  Bitter Berry Bogs:The Regrowth of Abandoned Cranberry Bogs in the Southern New Jersey


  J          ENV   20  Which Type of Material Will Contain an Oil Spill the Best?

  J          ENV   21  The Lost Food Chain; What Do You Know About the Detrius Food Chain?

  J          ENV   22  Wash Awat

  J          ENV   23  Mico Mites

  J          ENV   24  Seeds on the Move

  J          ENV   25  Bay Pollution

  J          ENV   26  Does Temperature Affect the Amount of Exygen Dissolved?

  J          ENV   27  Does the Type of Piping Affect Water Contamination?

  J          ENV   28  Do Non-Smoking Sections in Resturants Protect from Second Hand Smoke?

  U         ENV    1  Getting the Lead Out

  U         ENV    2  Oil Pollution

  U         ENV    3  Vegetable Oil As Fuel

  U         ENV    4  When You Refill Your Water Bottles, You Refill Bacteria

  J          ESS    1  Does the Depth of the Ocean Have an Effect on the Size of the Waves?

  J          ESS    2  Which Type of Soil is Most Permeable?

  J          ESS    3  Surfing the Full Moon

  J          ESS    4  How Does an Earthquake Effect Homes Built with Wood Frames Compared to Homes Built with

                        Metal Frames?

  J          ESS    5  How Does Man Affect the Composition of the Soil?

  J          ESS    6  Super Soil Samples

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 13 of 26

  J          ESS    7  For a Snake's Sake

  J          ESS    8  How Much Metal is in Soils from Around the Northeastern Coast?

  J          ESS    9  How Does the Temperature of an Acid Affect the Chemical Weathering of a Carbonate Mineral?

  J          ESS   10  How Does Themperature Affect the Growth of Crystals?

  J          ESS   11  How Accurately Can Different Barometers Predict Precipitation?

  J          ESS   12  What Color Fabric Will Fade the Most?

  J          ESS   13  Does the Moon Affect the Tide?

  J          ESS   14  Saving the Seashore

  J          ESS   15  Refining Gold

  I           MAT    1  Cryptanalysis Capability Study

  I           MAT    2  Battle of the Sexes Mathematicus

  J          MAT    3  Do Algebra One Students Work Better with or without a Calculator on a Math Test?

  J          MAT    4  Home Court Advantage....Fact or Fiction?

  J          MAT    5  What Are the Odds of Drawing a Blackjack?

  J          MAT    6  How Does New Affect the Different Sectors of the Stock Market?

  J          MAT    7  Is the Probability of a Coin Flip Really 50-50?

  J          MAT    8  What is the Probability of Rolling a Seven?

  J          MAT    9  Does Barometric Pressure Affect School Attendence?

  I           MED    1  What Foods Have the Highest Levels of Monosaccharides?  Part Two

  J          MED    1  Does Lung Capacity Differ Depending on Sex and/or Size?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 14 of 26

  J          MED    2  What Blocks the Most UV Rays

  J          MED    7  What Toothpaste is Most Efficient in Whitening Teeth?

  J          MED    9  Are Fingerprint Types Inherited?

  J          MED   10  Bandages

  J          MED   11  Hue Has the Best Eye?

  J          MED   12  I Can't Hear You

  J          MED   13  How Effective Are Antacids?

  J          MED   14  Bladder Augmentation

  J          MED   15  Which Race of Women Have the Highest Chance of Getting Breast Cancer?

  J          MED   16  Do Sports Activities Affect Your Blood Pressure?

  J          MED   17  Do Boys or Girls Need More Calcium?

  J          MED   18  How Do You Get the Color of Your Eyes?

  J          MED   19  Does Stroking a Horse Affect Your Heart Rate?

  J          MED   20  Does Music Affect Your Blood Pressure?

  J          MED   21  Does Cracking Knuckles Affect Hand Strength?

  J          MED   22  Which Soda Decays Your Teeth the Fastest?

  J          MED   23  Is an Expensive Toothpaste Worth the Money?

  J          MED   24  Which Over-The-Counter Antacid Works More Efficiently?

  J          MED   25  Does the Experience of a Dancer Affect Their Flexibility?

  J          MED   26  Are Natural Vitamins the Best?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 15 of 26

  J          MED   27  What is the Effect of Water

  J          MED   28  Will Different Noises Affect a Human's Pulse Rate?

  J          MED   29  What Effect Does Prednisone Have on Plants?

  J          MED   30  Is Antibacterial Soap Better At Reducing Microbs from Your Hands Than Regular Soap?

  J          MED   31  Does the Tempo of Music Affect the Listeners Heart Rate?

  J          MED   32  Feel the Beat

  J          MED   33  Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands

  U         MED    1  Does the Concentration of Acetylsalicylic Acid Effect the Coagulation of Blood?

  U         MED    2  What is the Effect of Varying Ph on the Destruction of Erythrocytes by the Process of


  I           MIC     1  Does Bread Mold Occur Faster on Cheap Brands of Bread?

  I           MIC     2  How Protists in Water Are Affected by Antibacterial Disinfectants

  I           MIC     3  Are Fingerprint Types Inherited?

  I           MIC     4  Gender

  J          MIC     1  Drosophila Chromosome Project

  J          MIC     2  Bacteria is Everywhere

  J          MIC     3  Mold Growth and Temperature

  J          MIC     4  Is Penicillin More Effective against Gram-Positive or Gram-Negative Bacteria?

  J          MIC     5  Bad Bread

  J          MIC     6  Which Kills More Bacteria

  J          MIC     7  Germ Warfare:  Sanitizing the Mouse in Your House

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 16 of 26

  J          MIC     9  My Mold

  J          MIC    10  Does Radiation from a Microwave Kill Bacteria?

  J          MIC    11  How Much Bacteria Grows in a Re-Used Water Bottle?

  J          MIC    12  Microscopic Tourists At the Jersey Shore

  J          MIC    13  Before You Kiss a Human

  J          MIC    14  Where Do You Find the Most Bacteria in the Home?

  J          MIC    15  Which Antibacterial Hand Soap Kills  the Most Bacteria?

  J          MIC    16  How is Chlorphyta (Green Algae) Affected by Certain Stimuli?

  J          MIC    17  Can "Fit" Reduce Bacteial Contamonation When Used on Fruits and Vegetables?

  J          MIC    18  Does the Temperature Affect the Growth of Mold on Begals?

  I           PHY    1  Which Amount of Salt Will Serve as the Most Efficient Electrolyte

  I           PHY    2  Do Diffferent Colored Balls on the Solar Heaters Affect the Temperature from the Sun Inside

  I           PHY    3  Will the degree of an Incline Slope Increase or Decrease the Amount of Mechanical Load

  J          PHY    1  How an Electromagnet's Shape Affects Its Strength

  J          PHY    2  How Does the Magnetic Field Affect Patterns?

  J          PHY    3  "Rocket Cars" Which Will Run Better

  J          PHY    4  How Do Different Obstacles Affect the Transmission of Radio Waves?

  J          PHY    5  Gak

  J          PHY    6  Which Dish Detergent Work Best?

  J          PHY    7  Which Temperature of Water Freezes Faster Hot or Cold?

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 17 of 26

  J          PHY    8  Whic H Rechareable Battery Last Longer?

  J          PHY    9  Is the Bunny the Strongest?

  J          PHY   10  Why Does Salt Melt the Ice?

  J          PHY   11  Magnetic Levitation Train -- the Transportation of the Future

  J          PHY   16  Why Don't You Fall out of Roller Coasters When You Fall up Side Down

  J          PHY   17  Which Insulator is the Most Efficiant?

  J          PHY   18  How Does Light Affect How Well a Person Reads?

  J          PHY   19  Aircrats N' Aerodynamics

  J          PHY   20  Does Surface Area Affect the Rate of Evaporation?

  J          PHY   21  Does Shape Affect the Aerodynamics of Paper Airplanes?

  J          PHY   22  Which Shape Airfoil Produces the Smallest Amount of Drag?

  J          PHY   23  Wind Power:   Energy of the Future?

  J          PHY   24  Kinetic Coaster

  J          PHY   25  How Does Temperature Affect the Strength of Electromagnets?

  J          PHY   26  Which Type of Material Produces Static Electricity the Most?

  J          PHY   27  Does the Temperature of the Water Affect How Candles Burn

  J          PHY   28  Does the Mass of an Object Affect the Speed of Its Descent?

  J          PHY   29  Which Runs Faster

  J          PHY   30  Will Different Kinds of Music Produce the Same Light Patterns?

  J          PHY   31  Does Weight

  Wednesday, March 06, 2002  Page 18 of 26

  J          PHY   32  Static Electricity

  J          PHY   33  Duelling Densities

  J          PHY   34  Electromagnets

  J          PHY   37  What Type of Surface

  J          PHY   38  Does a Soccer Ball Go Further with More or Less Air Pressure?

  J          PHY   39  Do Golf Balls Fly Better Warm or Cold?

  J          PHY   40  Will a More Complex Video System Use More Electricity Than a Less Complex Video System?

  J          PHY   41  How Accurate is the Rated Breaking Point of Monofilament Fishing Line?

  J          PHY   42  How Does the Diameter of a Rocket's Fuselage Affect Its Height?

  J          PHY   43  How Can Energy from the Sun Be Used to Power Cars?

  J          PHY   44  Hot

  J          PHY   45  Which Hockey Stick Will Shoot the Puck Farther: Wood or Aluminum

  J          PHY   46  Airplanes

  J          PHY   47  Heat Over My Head

  J          PHY   48  Does Sail Area Affect Travel Distance?

  J          PHY   49  The Physics of Cheating in Baseball

  J          PHY   50  Caution:  Air You Can't Resist or Can You?

  J          PHY   51  Whatever Floats Your Boat

  J          PHY   52  Velocity of Viscosity

  J          PHY   53  Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

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  J          PHY   54  The Heat Energy of Nuts

  J          PHY   55  Toy Car Vs. Friction

  J          PHY   56  Does the Temperature of a Candle Effect How Long It Burns?

  J          PHY   57  Regelation:  Ice Under Pressure

  U         PHY    1  What Affect Does the Varied Length of Camber in a an Airfoil Have on the Amount of Lift


  U         PHY    2  What is Neon?

  U         PHY    3  Relative Elasticity in Kinematic Collisions

  U         PHY    4  How Can the Forces of Magnetism and Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion Cause a Train to


  U         PHY    5  Sound Reducing Propertiesof Low Cost Materials

  I           TMP    1  Which Bread Molds the Fastest

  J          TMP    1  Left Handed Versus Right Handed is There a Difference?

  J          TMP    1  Left Handed Versus Right Handed is There a Difference?

  J          TMP    2  Which Battery Last Longer?

  J          TMP    2  Which Brand Battery Work Best?

  J          TMP    3  Liquid Density

  J          TMP    3  Liquid Density

  J          TMP    4  Dog Food Good

  J          TMP    4  Dog Food Bad

  J          TMP    5  Is There More Pollution in the AM or the PM?

  J          TMP    5  What Time of the Day is There More Pollutin the AM or the PM?

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  J          TMP    6  Which Apple Do Prefer?

  J          TMP    6  Which Apple Do People Prefer?

  J          TMP    7  Can a Person Determine Foods without Certain Senses?

  J          TMP    7  Can You Identify Foods with out the Use of Certain Senses?

  J          TMP    8  What is the Most Efficient Substance for Melting Ice?

  J          TMP    8  What is the Most Efficient Substance for Melting Ice?

  J          TMP    9  Will Adding Food Coloring or Playing Classical Music Affect the Painted Lady Butterflies?

  J          TMP    9  Will Using Food Coloring or Classical Music Affect the Painted Lady Butterflies?

  J          TMP    9  Will Adding Food Coloring or Playing Classical Music Affect the Painted Lady Butterflies?

  J          TMP   10  Which Juice

  J          TMP   10  Which Juice

  J          TMP   10  Which Juice

  J          TMP   11  Why Do Things Float?

  J          TMP   11  Why Do Thing Float?

  J          TMP   11  Why Do Things Float?

  J          TMP   12  Is Perpetual Motion Possible Outside of a Vacuum?

  J          TMP   12  "Can Perpetual Motion Excist Outside of a Vacuum?"

  J          TMP   13  Do Worms Like Fruits or Vegetables Better?

  J          TMP   13  Do Worms Like Fruits or Vegetables Better?

  J          TMP   14  Fizz Quiz

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  J          TMP   14  Fizz Quiz

  J          TMP   15  Are Childproof Bottles Really Childproof?

  J          TMP   15  Are Childproof Bottles Really Child Proof?

  J          TMP   16  Which Water Has the Most Bacteria: Well

  J          TMP   16  Which Water Has the Most Bacteria: Well

  J          TMP   17  Which Battery Cvs or Heavy Duty Last Longer in Different Temperatures?

  J          TMP   17  Will Battery Cvs or Heavy Duty Last Longer in Different Temperatures?

  J          TMP   18  Who Has a Better Memory Older or Younger People?

  J          TMP   18  Who Has a Better Memory Older or Younger People?

  J          TMP   19  Will the Bush Bean Plant Be Affected by These Liquids

  J          TMP   19  Will the Bush Bean Plant Be Affected by These Liquids

  J          TMP   20  Which Liquid Detergent Removes a Spaghetti the Best?

  J          TMP   20  Which Liquid Detergent Removes a Spaghetti the Best?

  J          TMP   20  Which Liquid Detergent Removes Speghetti Stain the Best?

  J          TMP   21  In Which Substance Does Ice Melt Fastest In?

  J          TMP   22  Do You Get More Energy from Snack Food or Health Food?

  J          TMP   23  Who's More Flexible

  J          TMP   24  Which Potato Battery Works Better?

  J          TMP   25  Does Heat Affect Wind?

  J          TMP   26  Who Has Better Memory

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  J          TMP   27  Do Plants Move to the Groove?

  J          TMP   27  Do Plants Move to the Groove?

  J          TMP   28  Float N' Fun

  J          TMP   28  Floatn' Fun

  J          TMP   29  Say Cheese

  J          TMP   29  Say Cheese

  J          TMP   30  "Which Plant Will Survive the Longest A

  J          TMP   31  Healthy Food Vs. Junk Food

  J          TMP   31  Healthy Food Vs. Junk Food

  J          TMP   32  Lemon Power

  J          TMP   32  Lemon Power

  J          TMP   33  Repair of Mitral Valve Regurgitation

  J          TMP   33  Repair  of Mitral Valve Regurgitation

  J          TMP   33  Repair of Mitral Valve Regurgitation

  J          TMP   34  How Plants Grow in Different Lights?

  J          TMP   34  How Plants Grow in Different Lights

  J          TMP   35  Which Battery Lasts the Longest?

  J          TMP   35  Which Batteries Last the Longest?

  J          TMP   36  What Substances Cause Teeth Decay

  J          TMP   36  Susstances That Effect Tooth Decay

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  J          TMP   37  Do Clipless Pedals Deserve a Medal?

  J          TMP   37  Do Clipless Pedals Deserve a Medal?

  J          TMP   38  Flight of a Model Rocket

  J          TMP   38  Flight of a Model Rocket

  J          TMP   39  How Seventh Graders Estimate Distances

  J          TMP   39  How Seventh Greader Estimate Distances

  U         TMP    1  Was Charolette Drunk?

  U         TMP    2  Hockey Shots

  U         TMP    2  Hockey Shots

  U         TMP    2  Hockey Shots

  U         TMP    3  Frying Franks

  U         TMP    3  Frying Franks

  U         TMP    4  Do Light and Sound Machines Really Work?

  U         TMP    4  How Light and Sound Machines Work

  I           ZOO    1  What is the Optimum Bedding  Material for Efficient Vermiculture Using Lumbricus Terrestis?

  I           ZOO    2  Regeneration

  I           ZOO    3  What is the Effect of Caffeine on the Heart Rate of Daphnia?

  I           ZOO    4  What Are the Effect of UV Light on Fruit Flies?

  I           ZOO    5  In Which Soil Do Larva Prefer to Toss and Toil

  I           ZOO    6  Where Do Oysters Grow Best

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  J          ZOO    1  What Temperature Best Fosters the Vermiculture Habits of Lumbricus Terrestis?

  J          ZOO    2  How Temperature Effects the Growth of Hatching Chickens

  J          ZOO    5  How Does Age Effect the Meomory of a Hamster?

  J          ZOO    6  Do Different Variations of Light Affect Worms Differently?

  J          ZOO    7  Mosquito Growh

  J          ZOO    8  Will Mealworms Grow Bigger and Faster in a Wheat Environment or a Corn Environment?

  J          ZOO    9  How Does Vitamin C Effect the Growith of Earthworms?

  J          ZOO  10  Which Brand of Battery Lasts the Longest in a Flashlight?

  J          ZOO  11  Mice Maze

  J          ZOO  12  Which Size Hermit Crab Covers the Greatest Distance in the Least Amount of Time?

  J          ZOO  13  What Temperature Do Sarasa Comet Goldfish Hibernate At?

  J          ZOO  14  Are There More Right-Handed Lobsters Than Left-Handed?

  J          ZOO  15  Light and Its Effect on Butterflies

  J          ZOO  16  Does Light Increase the Amount of Eggs a Chicken Lays?

  J          ZOO  17  Does Temperature Affect the Frequency of a Cricket's Chirp?

  J          ZOO  18  Can Earthworms Be Used to Decompose Kitchen Waste?

  J          ZOO  19  If the Horse Had a Choice What Treat Would It Choose?

  J          ZOO  20  Does Breeding Affect the Intelligence of Dogs?

  J          ZOO  21  The Effects of Glucose on the Lumbrilicus Variegates

  J          ZOO  22  Starfish: Feed Me!

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  J          ZOO  23  Coat Color Genetics

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